Dehumidifiers for Bulk Material Handling

Bulk material handling can be very challenging if suitable environmental conditions are not available. Especially the natural environment can pose a great challenge in handling bulk material as every change in season brings different environmental conditions. Most of the bulk materials are dry materials that are granular or powdery. Almost all of these products show a great degree of affinity towards moisture. These materials are stored in huge quantities in heaps which can maximize the damage caused due to moisture in the air. Even the smallest error in handling can cause the handler a great deal of loss of time and money. Continuous transportation and supply of bulk material to units in processing plants is the main function of bulk material handling. While doing so the handler must be aware of the damage that can be caused due to various factors. Failing to do so causes the loss of reliability of the handling party. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Storage Areas NZ. 

Ambale Co. is dedicated to reducing safety risks when storing and handling bulk material. A simple fact is that almost all the material absorb water from moist air and release moisture in presence of dry air. Most of the hygroscopic materials get lumpy and sticky when they absorb moisture. The presence of moisture also contributes to bacterial growth and mold formation. Clumping and sticking together of the materials is a very common sight in humid conditions. This process makes it very difficult to maintain the overall quality of the given material. These types of low-quality material tend to build up inside silos, mixing machines, conveying lines, and railcars. Over a long period of time, this build-up causes blockage and disruptions in the production flow and damages the product quality. The process of production slows down creating various problems for the people involved. Costly downtime, excessive waste, and food safety problems are some of the common problems people have to face. Read more on Maintaining humidity in Storage Rooms. 

Ambale Co. Dehumidifier Solution

Ambale Co. dehumidification systems are one of the best options for bulk storage and handling and are widely popular in New Zealand and Fiji. Our products are easily available in cities such as Tauranga, Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Napier, etc. With the help of our dehumidifiers, you can create a better environment for the storage and handling of bulk materials. It just becomes so easy to control and monitor the air quality for the specific products. We provide specific types of dehumidifiers for the silo and bulk handling. With the addition of our dehumidifiers, all the sections of the production unit such as silos, conveyors, and mixing equipment operate with more efficiency resulting in the reduction of cost and time necessary for cleaning.

Advantages of Ambale Co. Dehumidifiers

  • It significantly reduces the drying time after cleaning.
  • It reduces the need for cleaning by multiple folds.
  • Improvement in the product flow can be observed.
  • The production of the waste gets reduced.
  • It helps to maintain the quality of the product.
  • The lumpiness and stickiness in the product are avoided. 

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Safety in Storing and Handling Bulk Solids

Each year bulk solid storage and handling facilities see many accidents causing severe injury and even death in some cases. Hence implications of safety measures in such facilities have become a very important part of the industry. Although these accidents are not that frequent on the big scale of things they must be avoided as much as possible. Each year we come across few accidents in news in such facilities which are simply avoidable with some simple precautions taken. One incident involved the dropping of a hopper off a steel silo. Two workers working in the plant were instantly killed on the spot. Another accident was caused when a stockpile of clay collapsed which caused a death of a child and a child severely injured.

One of the main reasons for the accidents in a storage area of bulk material is people treat these bulk materials like solid surfaces and end up walking in them. Many deaths have occurred in silos and bottom reclaim stockpiles due to such ignorance of the people. Many people consider no difference between a tank storing liquid and solid. With this line of thought, people can actually store these materials in the same manner which can be really dangerous.

Ways to reduce Accidents

First of all, people must be made aware of the danger that can come with the storage of solid bulk material. They should not try to walk on the stored bulk material as they do on the solid surface. A safety guard must be available all the time in the storage area. People should always consider that accidents can happen and hence be prepared with all the safety measures.

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