Dehumidification in Storage and Logistics 

Humidity plays an important part in the environment of a room. Too much dry or too much humid air both can be dangerous as they both have some serious consequences on metal and electrical appliances. They also create uncomfortable living conditions for the people. Such problems are true for both large industrial spaces as well as private rooms. One has to understand that a balanced room climate is advantageous for the building structure, properties as well as the people living in it. Dehumidifiers are the best solution for any kind of high humidity problem. Our company provides highly innovative dehumidifiers when the requirement is to keep the room dry. We have modern industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for the industrial purpose as well as other small scale dehumidifiers for smaller locations. These dehumidifiers are capable of keeping the water content at a moderate level according to the requirement of our customers. 

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Dehumidifying in Storages

A storage room is a very special room for any industry. There are various kinds of products that are stored in a storage room. From hygroscopic powder to medicines, food items to metals; everything is stored in a storeroom. Some of these items may be susceptible to the humidity. If the humidity level is not maintained at an acceptable level the owner might have to face the loss of great wealth. Hence it is better to prevent such incidents than to cry afterward. Installing a proper dehumidifier is the only solution to get rid of the problem. Additional measuring devices with the dehumidifiers will help to keep the room safe to store goods. 

Another problem that sets in with the storage of goods in the storage room is the accumulation of dust which can be as much dangerous as humidity if not more. Dust can damage surfaces and can help in mold formation in combination with high humidity. We provide dehumidifiers with a combination of air cleaners to protect your products from becoming soaked, dirty, or moldy. Our products will help to ensure 24/7 clean and dry air. The air filters will filter all the unnecessary dust mold spores and bacteria to keep the air filtered. Our air cleaners are approved by international standards to operate in the areas that are highly polluted. 

Our dehumidifiers are available both in mobile and stationary versions. We will analyze your depot, warehouse, or storage rooms to supply you with the best kinds of dehumidifiers for you. Our modern innovative data loggers will help you keep the air quality of your place in check.

Our company also provides all these services to the logistics and transport sector. We are here not only to sell our devices but also to provide our customers with a proper solution. Our staff members will help you plan the required climate conditioning for your warehouses and transportation of products. You don’t need to worry about your investment as we will ensure your investment remains safe from environmental danger. We will approve devices to install only after going through several tests and trials.  

Ambale Dehumidifier units are supplied in Fiji, Tauranga, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty Region, Auckland, Wellington, Northland, and various parts of NZ. Please send us an email with your query to or call us on +64 22 061 7007 and talk to our engineer.