Moisture meter for inspectors

The special kind of device designed particularly for the monitoring of moisture content for different types of building materials is known as a moisture meter. The main part in construction where moisture needs to be continuously monitored is plasterboard, flooring, skirting, doors, joinery, window reveal, roofing, siding, insulations, tile, fiberglass, drywall, plaster, etc. Moisture can cause various kinds of safety and structural hazards in the building. Mold formation, rotting, decay are some of the major consequences of high moisture levels in building materials. A building inspector cannot manually inspect the moisture level in building materials and hence requires the right kind of moisture meter for accurate assessment of the condition. With the use of a moisture meter, the building inspector can easily locate moisture that otherwise may not be apparent. Read more on Why woodworkers need to use moisture meters? 

How is a moisture meter helpful for a building inspector?

  1. A moisture meter helps to determine the level of moisture in the material being used. It can provide the inspector with the correct assessment if mold can grow on such a surface. It is estimated that mold tends to develop on surfaces with a moisture level of around 20 percent. The value may be somewhat changeable according to the various environmental factors but the inspector can have a fair idea of any risks involving mold growth. Read more about the importance of moisture meters in building inspection. 
  2. Looks can be deceiving and what may appear to be drywall to the naked eye may possess moisture in it. With the help of a moisture meter, an inspector can test such sections of the building without any problem. This can help to establish a baseline from which other readings can be compared. Read more on Moisture meters for quick wood and building materials. 

Apart from these moisture meters have many applications that may not be directly related to inspection for the building inspector

  • Sometimes flooding can cause a house to be vacated. With the help of a proper moisture meter, one can determine if the house is ready to move back in.
  • The leaks in the house also can be found out before buying a new house.
  • The homeowner can find out if a certain section of the house with wood is dry enough to be painted.
  • The dryness of the wood can be confirmed before its installation.

Different modes of operation

There are mainly two modes of operation in a moisture meter one being the pin type and the other being the search mode type. Both of the mode types of different specific applications and the best type of moisture meter are those which contains both types of options according to the experts by Ambale Co. Read on How a Moisture Meter Works? 

Pin type

These types of moisture meters are helpful in measuring moisture on the surface or to a certain depth. These types of moisture meters come with interchangeable pins attached to them. These pins are used to penetrate the surface of which moisture content is to be measured. The moisture meter measures the moisture content based on the electrical conductivity of the surface. This mode of measurement has been trusted more by the experts more than the search mode. The main problem with the pin type mode of measurement is in many cases the intermittent wet spots can be missed during the monitoring process.  This mode of measurement has been mainly used to monitor the surface of building materials such as dry wood, stucco, drywall, plaster, etc. The probes come with varying lengths to measure the moisture content to various depths. The sensitive tip extends to the meter’s electrodes. These probes are also useful in determining the source of a stain on a surface is active or not. Amable Co. makes durable probes that can penetrate deep into the surface as per the requirement of the user. Read about Material Moisture Measuring Device used in New Zealand. 

Search mode

This model of the device is also known as a pinless moisture meter. These devices detect the moisture content with the help of radio waves. This mode does not disturb the surface of the material of which moisture content is to be measured. There is no insertion or penetration involved in this mode so this mode is absolutely perfect for a finished product. The moisture meter of this mode emits a certain type of radio waves into the surface and analyzes the change in the reflected waves to determine the level of moisture on the surface. Meters supplied by Ambale Co. operate by the principle that the resistance of an electrical current is inversely affected by the level of moisture content in the material. The search mode is generally used for monitoring moisture in the shower tub, kitchen dishwasher, bathroom tile floors, etc.

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