Data Logger is a device used to record parameters like temperature, humidity, etc. at regular intervals. This data can then be downloaded into a computer and saved in any desired format. These are mostly battery operated and the life of the battery depends on the sampling intervals set on the device. It easily functions for around 6 to 8 months with a single battery with normal usage.

The two major types of data loggers:

  1. Single-Use Data Logger
  2. Multi-Use Data Logger

We have various applications for which data loggers are very essential for regular usage. Consider a hospital or a clinic, a laboratory, a food storage facility, a cargo logistics company, a medicinal storage warehouse or cold store, etc. All these mentioned applications require data loggers because parameters like temperature and humidity (also some other parameters depending on various products and storages) need to be logged on a continuous and a regular basis. This is for maintaining product quality and usage of products, also to monitor the air around us for healthy living.

Let us take an example of a pharmaceutical storage area. Pharmaceutical storages can be Pharma warehouses, pharmaceutical cold stores, and freezers, or even pharmacies for that matter.

Here, all kinds of medicines and vaccinations are stored and the same are needed to be maintained at certain levels of temperature and humidity. And, if these levels are disturbed, say if the temperature or humidity in such spaces exceeds or lowers than the required levels, then the product quality is hampered to a large extent and they go for a waste.

To have an assured track record of these parameters, we need a device like a data logger which can automatically and continuously log such recordings and these recordings can be viewed by the Pharmaceutical in charge or the person monitoring the area on a daily basis to see if there were any discrepancies in the requirements.

In case any discrepancy is observed, then action has to be taken immediately to rectify the control systems in the room or area where these products are stored, or a decision has to be taken to discard those products as they may be dangerous for consumption.

These data loggers are also widely used in vehicles and vans responsible for shipping and transporting medicines and vaccinations from a source to its destination. For example, there are suppliers and end users. Now, understanding what kind of data logger to use for various shipments are,

If you have a third party company responsible for your shipment to an end user or a Pharma dealer, then you have options to use the single-use data logger or the multi-use data logger.

A single-use data logger would be preferable in such conditions as this device works only once. So, once the vehicle starts to move, the device can be switched on and the minute the vehicle reaches its destination, the device has to be stopped. Then, the end user can download the data from the single-use data logger and check if the temperature and humidity were intact throughout the journey.

Similarly, there are also situations where you may have a frequent shipment from a source to a destination on regular basis. Here, it would be preferable to use the multi-use data logger as it will be more economical on the long term. The multi-use data logger has the same functionality as the single-use data logger. The only difference between the two is that the multi-use data logger can be reused as many numbers of times as needed.

These devices are very simple to use and are extremely user-friendly.

Advantages of a data logger in a pharmaceutical storage area:

In the earlier days, there used to be people (literally human beings) monitoring the values of parameters such as temperature and humidity with pen and paper and these papers normally hung behind the doors of the rooms where the products are stored. How accurate do you think this act would be?

Sometimes it could be that the person responsible for logging the information manually is on a lunch break and he/she forgets and misses out the recordings of the certain hour through the day. This is a heinous mistake where the product may have been damaged due to lack of quality. And as we know medicines and vaccination products are extremely critical and cannot be treated light-heartedly.

It is always better to be safe and use the best ways to safeguard such products by using the best technology.

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