Dehumidifiers for Fruits and Vegetable Storage

The quality of processed fruits and vegetables can be significantly increased with the assistance of dehumidifiers by Ambale Co. We offer various sizes and capabilities of dehumidifiers for produce drying and freezing applications. There are a lot of advantages of supplying low humidity air in the drying process of fruits and vegetables. You can easily choose for our services in all the major cities of New Zealand such as Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, and Tauranga. Before the installation of dehumidifiers, you must know the advantages of using dehumidifiers in the drying process. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Food and Beverage Industry in NZ. 

Use of dehumidifiers makes the drying cycles shorter and helps to increase overall productivity. Our desiccant dehumidifiers help to get effective control over the air conditions during the drying process which helps to avoid the formation of the skin during drying. By supplying air at a precise humidity level the evaporative effect can easily be maximized for the purpose of storage. The humidity level must be adjusted according to the stages of the drying cycle. For example, the moisture release in the earlier cycle is generally very high compared to the later cycle of drying. Hence the humidity level must be maintained differently according to the requirement. The use of dehumidifiers offers such flexibility to control humidity with menu-style. Humid air is the biggest contributor to the formation of yeast and mold. The dehumidifiers help to eliminate the risk of yeast and mold formation and keep the fruits and vegetables safe and fresh. These dehumidifiers are highly optimized with energy-efficiency and hence are sure to be a blessing to lower the overall energy consumption. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Cheese Diaries. 

Vegetable and Fruit Powder Drying

Vegetable and fruit powder drying is very popular in New Zealand. Many fruits such as peach, apple, apricot, mulberry, tomato, banana, etc. are dried and powdered for consumption. Powdered fruits are found to maintain all the necessary nutrients of the fresh fruit. Powdering food makes it easier to store for a long period of time as well as for consumption. One of the most important parts of the production of vegetable and fruit powder is spray drying. It is very important to consistently provide dry air in the spray dry process. Dehumidifiers by Ambale Co. are specially designed for this purpose. The high-quality dehumidifiers will help to deliver reliable and efficient spray drying performance unlike any other dehumidifiers in the market. The processed powder needs to be discharged into a fluidized bed system in the second stage of the drying process. This process is also quickened with the help of dry air with a humidity level of two to four percentages. This helps in gaining the best result with little to no clumping and high quality. Even after this, there is always the danger of reabsorption of moisture from the air by the powder. Hence the supply of dry air must be continued even during the pneumatic powder conveying. Read more on Controlling Excess Humidity in Storage Areas NZ. 

Packaging of Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Packaging of frozen vegetables and fruits comes with a different challenge. The moisture present during the packaging can significantly decrease the shelf life of a product. The presence of moisture can cause frosting during the packaging process. Hence excess moisture in the air must be eliminated during the packaging process. With the help of dehumidifiers from our company, the frosting in the packaging process can be completely eliminated. There will be no more reduction of production quality, halting of production. The storage life also increases with the supply of dry air during the packaging process. Other benefits involve the disappearance of ice build-up in conveying and packaging areas. The products come with a better-looking package and increased storage life and shelf life. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage. 

Safe Produce – Packing and Transportation

One of the key things to consider for the proper packing of fresh produce is the sanitation of the packing facility. The risk of contamination increases due to the poor sanitary condition of the packing facility. Various kinds of pathogens are common in fruits and vegetables as well as in the environment of the packing facility. First of all the dirt and mud sticking in the fruits must be washed with water. The containers and pallets in which the fruits are to be kept must be cleaned and sanitized. The condition of the containers must be monitored from time to time. Any collection of mud and debris in the processing unit must be removed immediately. The storage areas and other parts of the facilities also must be free from debris, soil, and dirt. The proper functioning of the cooling system should be ensured to keep the fruits and vegetables in better condition.

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