We have known what Real time monitoring systems are. Just to brief it up, real time monitoring systems are units which record data and upload to cloud. These act as remote monitoring systems. This data can be viewed online at any given time. This data can also be downloaded as and when required. The Real time monitoring systems allow us to have current data always available which is live. These systems have various parameters it can monitor and detect.

Here, we are talking about the Real Time Temperature Monitoring System. So, the parameter here is “Temperature”. Real Time Temperature monitoring systems are required and used in diverse applications. These systems are the most commonly used systems now a days. There are various brands which give different kinds of features, so therefore , the pricing for each system varies depending on how high end the system is.

Real Time Temperature Monitoring systems are used in Warehouse extensively. Talking about warehouses, they are uses in Pharmaceutical warehouses, Logistics warehouses, Food storage warehouses, etc. Temperature needs to me monitored on regular basis as specifies interval gaps. Failure of doing so can result in the company owning the warehouse to shut down permanently. Here, temperature is continuously recorded and uploaded to the cloud. This data is monitored every now and then. Understanding real time temperature monitoring systems deeply, we know that these systems are capable of sending alerts and giving alarms when the temperature levels device from the set instructions.

Real Time Temperature monitoring systems are widely used in cold stores, cold rooms, freezers, chillers, etc. As these applications are towards the lower temperature ranges, the products which are maintained at the same temperature are critical. So this has to be monitored correctly and efficiently. In case of any deviation in temperature levels, a notification via an email, SMS or a phone call needs to be given to certain programmed phone numbers, so that an action can be taken immediately to rectify the issue.

Real Time Temperature Monitoring systems are largely used for another application which are data centers and server rooms. This is a critical and a crucial application and requirement. Here, there are special rack mounted sensors which are particulate made for server room temperature real time monitoring systems. Here the temperature of each rack will be monitored and the data is uploaded over the cloud for access. Here, this system also provides similar kinds of alerts. Along with the common alerts like the email, SMS and phone calls, it is very essential to have audible alarms in such applications. This allows immediate notification and avoids delay in destructions and damage.

Real Time Temperature Monitoring systems have few features on which they work normally. They are:

  1. Ethernet based Or Wifi based
  2. Wired or Wireless type
  3. Radio Frequency based
  4. Cloud based
  5. Alert based (GSM based)

There are many more features, the above given are only few minor features which most real time temperature monitoring systems will have.

The real time temperature monitoring systems are also used in applications such as buildings, universities, museums, incubations, chambers, any ambient temperature monitoring, etc. These systems are manufactured and customized from the lowest end to the highest end depending on how critical the requirement is.