A dehumidifier is a machine which reduces the level of humidity inside a room and brings it to a desired and appropriate level of RH. Dehumidifiers are categorized as the condensation type and the desiccant type dehumidifier. Here, we will understand about condensation type dehumidifiers. Also, each of these types are sub categorized into:

  1. Domestic Dehumidifiers
  2. Commercial Dehumidifiers
  3. Industrial Dehumidifiers

Here, we explain the industrial condensation dehumidifier. The name “Industrial” refers to anything characterized by an industry or a factory or a manufacturing facility, etc. In easy words – A large room.

Hence, an industrial dehumidifier would be a machine which works in rugged environment or can say rough conditions to bring down humidity levels. The industrial condensation dehumidifiers are devices which are responsible to reduce moisture content in large rooms which maintain a temperature range between 15 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. The condensation concept works in a way where the humidity is eliminated from the room in the form and water.

Different types of Installations for Industrial Condensation Dehumidifier:

Industrial Condensation Dehumidifiers can be differently mounted as per the requirement. Few of the ongoing installations are:

  1. Wall Installation type
  2. Floor Installation type
  3. Ducted Installation type

To start with, the floor installation is one of the most east installations for a unit. The only requirement for this kind of installation is that it consumes space. But some installations are done in a way where the unit is kept outside the facility and the air intake and outtake is connected visa ducts. This is also a very simple installation. The floor installation based units can range anywhere between 40 liters per day to around 3,000 liters per day in capacity. Most of these units are fixed machines. They need a drainage outlet to discard the water collected by the machine.

The wall installation for the industrial condensation dehumidifiers is the next best option. Here, the units are wall mounted as per requirement. They need a drainage outlet to discard the water collected by the machine. These units range anywhere between 15 liters to 1,000 liters per day in capacity. Sometimes, these units also are made and designed in different colors and styles for fancy applications. This would be for vintage car storage areas, Museums, etc.

The next best installation style would be the ducted installation. Here, the dehumidifier units are have a ceiling mounted duct installation or a roof mounted duct installation. These kind of units range between 40 liters per day to 3000 liters per day or more in capacity. For ducted installation in industrial condensation dehumidifiers, an important parameter to consider will be the airflow in meter cube per hour. Airflow determines the capacity most times in such situations. These units are fixed type systems and would require an intake and outtake connection via the supply and return ducts. They also need a drainage outlet to discard the water collected by the machine.

These would be the installations for the industrial Condensation Dehumidifiers.

Application for the Industrial Condensation Dehumidifiers are varied across different industries. Few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers: Swimming Pool application is one of the most important and application for Industrial Condensation Dehumidifiers.
  2. Large Warehouse
  3. Museums, Art Works and Libraries
  4. Gym and Spa
  5. Hospitals and Pharmacies
  6. Vintage Car Preservation
  7. Aircraft Hangers
  8. Cheese and Dairy Industries
  9. Dehumidification for Pig Breeding
  10. Schools
  11. Carpet Cleaning Factories
  12. Pharmaceutical Warehouse
  13. Laundries and Cloth Drying
  14. Golf Clubs

and so on…

Industrial Condensation Dehumidifiers are selected by conducting a capacity calculation. There are few parameters which are essential to calculate the capacity needed for a particular requirement:

  • Dimensions of the room (Length x Width x Height)
  • Temperature maintained inside the room (Degrees Celsius)
  • Current Humidity Level (%RH)
  • Desired Humidity Level (%RH)
  • Airflow (Meter cube per hour) – if necessary, especially required for large room sizes

These parameters will allow you to decide what capacity machine you require and as they are available in all three kinds of installations – the floor mounted, the wall mounted and the duct mounted, there ends being a variety to choose as per the requirement.

The industrial condensation dehumidifiers are of great value as they serve very large rooms and bring down the humidity levels to the desired conditions at extreme harsh conditions.