Why do woodworkers need to use moisture meters?

Many people often wonder why a woodworker needs to use a moisture meter and why to put so much concern about the moisture content in the wood after all it does not directly seem to affect the quality of the products. If you are one of those people then your school of thinking is very wrong. Moisture content is one of the major factors that can really hamper the quality of a wood product.

A professional worker or a serious hobbyist of craftsmanship who is working to manufacture handmade custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, utensils, or other objects must use a moisture meter for their work or they will be risking their reputation in the market. Read more on Moisture meters for Wood and Building Materials. 

If you do not consider the importance of a moisture meter then here are some of the reasons that can really change your mind regarding the importance of a moisture meter.

  1. You need a moisture meter to verify the raw building materials being used are properly acclimated before the advent of work with it. Wood is a hygroscopic material so it can have a lot of moisture in it which needs to be dried away. For proper working, the wood being used must reach its equilibrium moisture content before starting the work with it.
  2. The use of a moisture meter helps to make the project go smoothly. Too much of anything is bad which sits perfectly in case of wood and moisture. Too much moisture in the wood or too little moisture in wood both can have a negative effect on the wood. Working with the wood that hasn’t reached the equilibrium moisture content is very tricky because the wood will continuously keep on absorbing or releasing moisture which causes the wood to swell or shrink. It may even happen after the project is done. This can eventually cause damage to the finished product and eventually cause the project to fail. Read more on Best Moisture Meters for Woodworkers in NZ
  3. It also acts as evidence for the contractors and woodworkers. An unhappy customer can really cause the reputation of your business s great harm. Some customers can randomly complain about the wood pieces in your products but with the use of a moisture meter, you can really show them that you have followed the necessary procedures. The documentation obtained from a moisture meter can act as evidence so that they cannot really hurt your reputation on a baseless ground. So it always helps to get a high-quality moisture meter that is able to give precise reading even in the harshest of environmental conditions.
  4. You must use a moisture meter to increase the overall quality of the project. Various protocols have made it obligatory to measure the moisture content of the wood before starting any kind of project. Without properly acclimated wood the handmade furniture cannot give the desired product. The dimension and the size of the wood can drastically change in the end if properly acclimated wood products are not used.
  5. It is a must-have device to sustain and build up a professional reputation. Many woodworkers are making their living creating fine wood furniture and other handicrafts. A woodworker earning is only as good as his reputation. Without happy clients, the reputation of the woodworker is in danger. Thus the satisfaction of the customer is of utmost priority. All the reputation of the woodworker lies in the quality of the finished product that he or she provides to the customer. So to keep the customers happy the woodworker must provide the customers with products that are going to last a long time. With the help of a moisture meter, the worker can have peace of mind because they know their products are well acclimated and the products will last a long time.  With the use of the proper wood product with an appropriately acclimated product, you are most likely to have happy and satisfied customer.
  6. The most important thing you get from using a moisture meter is you can always take necessary precautions to avoid any kind of moisture-related problems. The shrinking, swelling, cupping, cracking, warping of the wood can easily be avoided by monitoring the moisture content. Getting rid of the moisture-related problems is a very easy thing if the problem is known beforehand. Mold formation is another typical problem related to excessive moisture. Using a moisture meter helps to prevent mold formation and permanent damage to the wood. Hence it is always a good idea to have a moisture meter for the professionals. Read about Why Contractors need to use Moisture Meters? 

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