A dehumidifier is a machine which operates to reduce the moisture content in the air. A simple type of dehumidifier would be a condensation type unit. A condensation type dehumidifier is a device which brings down the level of humidity inside a room and discards the moisture content outside the room in the form of water. The condensation dehumidifier runs on a mechanism where the humid air is converted into water and removed. This water can either be stored in a tank which is in built into the dehumidifier, or be discarded directly via a drain pipe.

Condensation dehumidifiers can be of different kinds namely, the domestic, commercial or industrial. Here, lets understand what a domestic condensation dehumidifier is. A Domestic Condensation Dehumidifier is mainly used in homes, offices, and more private areas. These are small sized units when compared to the industrial machines. Domestic dehumidifiers range in various capacities. Now, capacity for this machine means that “ A dehumidifier machine is capable of removing 15 liters of humidity per day”, so 15 liters is the capacity of the machine. Domestic condensation type dehumidifiers are very basic units and devices which are commonly found in comfort environments.

Domestic condensation dehumidifiers can have a varied classification depending on their kinds of installations. They can be,

  1. Wall mounted type
  2. Floor Mounted type
  3. Duct Mounted type
  4. Ceiling mounted type
  5. Portable type
  6. Fixed type

Out of the above varieties, the floor mounted and portable type machines are the most commonly used domestic condensation dehumidifiers. As these units are majorly for comfort areas, they are small in terms of capacities. Capacities usually would range from a 10 liters per day machine to a 40 liters per day machine.

Why is a dehumidifier needed in our home?

“Humidity”- All that stuffy air and dampness around. It can make your life very uncomfortable on a warm day, be it the day or the night. In New Zealand, the humidity levels are pretty high compared to other countries, so a dehumidifier is a must in the house for healthy living. Apart from not living comfortably, when the air moisture rises, it leads to property damage. And to avoid this problem, many people try to run the heat pumps at higher temperatures and end up increasing their energy bills drastically. The humidity levels inside a home are recommended to be between the range of 40 to 60% RH. RH is referred to as Relative Humidity. Relative Humidity means the amount of water vapor contained in the air compared to the maximum amount of water vapor it could hold at any particular temperature. So, any level which is not in between 40 to 60% Rh may be harmful for a person or a things in the house. A domestic condensation dehumidifier can help remove excess moisture in such conditions and solve the problem.

Benefits of having a domestic condensation dehumidifier:

When we hear of all the health and environment concerns, its good to consider that a suitable humidity range is much required in the vicinity we live in. The indoor environments cover so many places starting from personal living to the healthy living of our family. The domestic condensation dehumidifiers are extremely important for an improved lifestyle. With dehumidifiers in your home, you will immediately start to feel less sweaty, less tired and you can breath fresh air easily. In places where the humidity levels are high, common allergies trigger. These allergies can be dust mites, mildew, moulds, etc. They tend to thrive in excessive moisture based conditions. So, in case you have a family member suffering from allergies or asthma, then high humidity can aggravate the situation. These kind of allergies can make any normal human being uncomfortable and ill. Some common problems which occur are:

  1. Stuffy nose
  2. Watery and itchy eyes
  3. Uncomfortable breathing, wheezing and continuous sneezing
  4. Rashes on skin
  5. A low immune system
  6. Low resistance to infections especially to respiratory allergies

By using and running a domestic condensation dehumidifier unit in your home, you can have so many benefits such as:

  1. Amazing indoor odor
  2. Protected fabrics and clothes
  3. Protected property and living environment
  4. Freshness everywhere
  5. It’s always clean – As dehumidifier reduce duct creation in your home
  6. Low energy costs

So grab your domestic home dehumidifier as soon as you can and have a great healthy living!