Different types of moisture measuring devices

Moisture is one of the most important factors of the environment. It is very well documented that moisture can affect various kinds of building materials such as gypsum, plaster including wood. Excessive moisture in these subjects has been known to cause great damage and hence moisture is considered an enemy of the people working in the construction business. Many building structures have been damaged due to moisture causing loss of life and property. People need to pay serious attention to the consequences moisture can create in building material. Wood is a natural moisture absorbent material and is easily affected by moisture. The industry that depends on wood production can severely be affected by moisture. The devices supplied by Ambale Co. help you get the most accurate and reliable humidity reading available in the market. With our precise equipment, the users can even determine the degree of water content in different types of wood. This equipment is extremely practical and easy to use. The moisture measuring device has many practical uses such as determining if the firewood is dry enough or not and finding out if timber is dry enough to be processed. Without the proper level of dryness, the timber cannot be processed. Read more on Best Moisture meters for Wood Workers in NZ. 

Hence eliminating the moisture to a certain degree is a must to create an ideal environment for wood processing. But eliminating the moisture starts first with the measuring process. So if the first step is not done properly then the process might not succeed after all. We provide a robust and handy design to our customers so they get their every pennyworth.  Some of the models provided by Ambale co. include the following :

BM31WP moisture indicator

These devices are known for their ready to use the quick and easy nondestructive method of measuring humidity. The device is absolutely simple to connect to the app known as the app sensor. These devices are professional sensors that provide accurate measuring results. The data collected by the device can be displayed with the help of an app and the device can easily be controlled by the user with the help of a wireless connection. The measurement results can be obtained even from a remote location which also means that the user doesn’t have to be physically present near the device to take any kind of readings. The minimum and maximum values for the moisture can be selected by the user. The alarm system of the device alerts the user  if the level of humidity is under or above the maximum and minimum value range. The device has a robust design and a long battery life made with the finest German technology. Read more on Moisture meters in NZ from Ambale Co. 

A humidity matrix which can be easily generated and linked to a photo

The multi-measure mobile app helps the user obtain a visual image of the maximum, minimum, and average values obtained from the measurement. The graphic representations of the measurements can easily be obtained with the app. With such a system, a humidity matrix that is linked to a photo can be created, saved, and sent.

BM40 moisture measuring device

This is another type of non-destructive moisture measuring device.   BM40 is the right equipment for you if you have been looking to monitor the drying process in building materials and wood. The electrodes of the device need to be simply placed on the surface of which the moisture is needed to be measured. The fast response and ready to use a feature of the device have been impressing people for a long time. The device also comes with some additional features making it one of the most versatile moisture measuring devices of all time. It has a battery status indicator auto-off function to save energy and temperature sensors to measure temperatures. The production design is highly impressive and made with the finest German technology. It is one of the best options for people looking for fast and non-destructive moisture measurement. It also has several material curves for the most common type of building material and wood. The ambient temperature can also be measured with the device. The overall function of the device can just be controlled with just one button. The measured value by the device is directly shown in percentage which prevents the user to do any kind of further calculations to avoid inconvenience. Read more on Building Material Moisture meters. 

Ambale Moisture Meter Solutions

Ambale Moisture Meter Solutions are manufactured in Europe which are well suited for various requirements.

Ambale Moisture Meters are available and supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Northland, Christchurch, Fiji, Hamilton, Queenstown, Tauranga, and all parts of New Zealand and Fiji. Please contact our technical team at Ambale Co. by sending us an email at info@ambale.co.nz or call us on +64 22 061 7007. We believe in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.