Meat Processing industries belong to the food-based sector which is a very big business all over the world. Meat processing is a very tedious and risky job as these industries have too many rules and regulations for food safety and hygiene conditions. Dehumidifies for Meat processing in Auckland New Zealand is an important requirement.

Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Meat Factories

Dehumidifiers for Meat Processing is one of the most important parameters to be considered as it is an extremely perishable product. If the air conditions in which the meat is processed are not maintained at apt levels, there can be lots of damage and loss to the companies running them.

Hence, dehumidifiers for meat processing in New Zealand is an essential task when it comes to operational requirements. And, these industries do not take any risk or uncertainty dealing with their products.

Issues faced by Meat Processing Companies in New Zealand:

All meat processing industries work in a similar manner around the globe and face very similar problems and issues. Few are listed as below:

When the humidity is uncontrolled, there are micro-organisms, all kinds of bacteria and other pathogens which thrive in it

The heath of consumers and the workforce who deal with meat processing are highly affected by contaminants as the product quality of the meat goes down

Condensation starts forming on equipment such as conveyor belts, wall corners, and ceilings which results in a high risk in terms of hygieneAmbale Mobile Dehumidifier for Meat Processing in New Zealand

During the process of cleaning, the floors, and surfaces take a very long time to dry and this, in turn, leads to more humidity inside the facility

At times, these companies face plant downtime and also production interruptions

It is very critical to install Dehumidifiers for Meat Processing for better hygiene and better processing conditions

Challenges in New Zealand for Meat Processing due to Humidity:

  • Facilities for Meat Processing and Slaughterhouses, Fish and Poultry in Auckland have to take extreme care with regards to microorganisms, bacteria, and other pathogens. The product quality is largely affected due to such contaminants and leads to a major threat to businesses and profits. It also affects the health of the consumers and the workforce most times. The major source of bacteria formation is due to the moisture present in the surrounding air.

  • When a cold surface comes in contact with warm air, the airborne moisture content often condenses on the processing equipment, building surfaces, pipework, etc. This ultimately leads to corrosion and also takes away control over the conditions of air all over the meat processing facility.

  • Mold formation and more bacterial growth are sure to be widely active when there is any kind of condensation. During the steam cleaning process, this kind of unhygienic situation occurs and makes it worse. The steam cleaning process also increases the moisture content in the air on top of all this and condensation takes place throughout the facility. At times, when things go out of control and compliance issues to occur, the meat processing companies also face a complete shutdown. This is a huge risk and not worth it.

How to get rid of Humidity problems in Meat Processing Facilities, Auckland New Zealand?

  • Ambale is an air management solution provider and has the right solution for every problem and requirement for Meat Processing in New Zealand. Ambale suggests the Cotes dehumidifiers for meat processing facilities. Cotes Dehumidifiers manufactured in Denmark are well established around the world for solving various issues concerning humidity and condensation problems.

  • Ambale ensures that by installing a Cotes dehumidifier for the meat processing facility, slaughterhouses, fish processing, and poultry facilities, companies can be sure about preventing Dehumidifiers for Meet Processing in New Zealandprocessing uptime, affecting output and product quality.

  • Cotes dehumidifiers work towards completely reducing the dew point which ultimately stops the condensation to occur and the area becomes moisture free.

  • Compared to the other dehumidifiers, Cotes dehumidifiers work best for such applications as they can perform and function at a wide range of temperatures namely between 40 degrees Celcius to 0 degrees Celcius. At times, when needed, Cotes dehumidifiers can also function at -25 degrees Celcius.

  • Ambale recommended Cotes dehumidifiers also enable speedy drying of floors, and surfaces after the steam cleaning is performed. This drastically helps the meat processing companies in New Zealand and Auckland to have the least production breaks.

Benefits of Ambale dehumidifier solutions:

  • These units work on getting rid of condensation itself as a whole – so there are no problems of moisture formation at all

  • Helps remove bacterial growth which results in good compliance standards

  • Dries up the facility way faster after the steam cleaning is done

  • Maintains consistent and good product quality

How do Ambale Solutions stand out?

  • These units have a huge performance range between 40 degrees Celcius to 0 degrees Celcius. Sometimes, if needed, the units can perform until -25 degrees Celcius depending on the application and requirement

  • Cotes, Denmark is the only dehumidifier which can work at such low-temperature levelsAmbale Large Desiccant Dehumidification Units for Meat Industries

  • These units also have the option of working on heat recovery concept which helps save power consumption on a considerable scale

  • Cotes dehumidifiers are available with automated control systems

  • They are well designed to suit the best hygiene practices

Ambale suggested dehumidifiers from Cotes, Denmark:

  • To decide on which dehumidifier will work best for particular rooms in a meat processing facility in New Zealand, the essentials parameters are the size of the facility or space where you need to remove condensation. Also, you need the temperature levels at which the room is maintained and the number of openings in the room concerned.

  • There are many more parameters to be considered for calculating the capacity to understand which dehumidifier unit fits best for the existing problem.

  • Ambale’s technical team will be able to help you with the exact calculations and suggest the best solution for your requirements.

Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at to get the best Dehumidifiers for Meat Processing in Auckland and around New Zealand.

Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.