Dehumidifiers for Museums and Dehumidifiers for Libraries in New Zealand are very crucial as these areas consist of artwork, paintings paper, books, museum, and irreplaceable assets. Dehumidification is a procedure of having the moisture levels reduces by a certain percentage to have a safe and good quality environment.

Museums and Libraries exist everywhere in the world with old architectural buildings and heritage-based products. These are extremely sensitive material and need to be maintained at the right levels of temperature and the right levels of relative humidity.

New Zealand has various art galleries and museums around the country which need to preserved forever. This is possible by storing and keeping these valuable products in the right kind of air condition. Dehumidifiers help to maintain the indoor environment so that no damage occurs to the extremely worthy products.

It is very important to protect the risks against humidity for irreplaceable assets in museums and libraries.

Libraries, documents, museums, and archives are very delicate, valuable, and rare products. These items are extremely difficult to store at the desired air conditions.

With improper humidity control, it is almost impossible to safeguard these priceless cultural heritage products.

With excess humidity in the air:

  • The products start to deteriorate which is almost invisible and a slow process. This fatal damage to the cultural heritage in museums and libraries

  • Bacterial growth, fungal, mildew, mold formations start to occur

  • Artifact’s made of paper, textiles or wood start to swell, crack and shrink with high levels of humidity in the air

  • Priceless metal objects start to corrode

  • The working conditions for the staff, storage, and key materials is effected

  • If the humidity is controlled, Heritage is Preserved

Challenges in Museums and Libraries due to Humidity in New Zealand:

Be they documents, books artifacts, or even films and tapes which document our cultural history – they are all a key part of the countries heritage and history. These are irreplaceable at any cost. They cannot be made or produced ever again.

By getting exposed to high levels of humidity, such materials get exposed to damage. By the changes in seasons, weather and climate, the moisture levels in the air start to fluctuate. The damage is fatal and cannot to be visible easily. And, by the time we realize the damage, it is too late to bring back what is lost forever.

Most of these items are originally organic and are very easily affected by mildew, mold and bacterial growth due to high moisture levels in the air. Condensation on such materials damage the items drastically.

There exists moisture in and around hygroscopic materials such as textiles, wood, paper, and cotton. This creates size changes, cracks which results in too much damage which is irreparable which destroys academic, historical and cultural values.

Rust and Corrosion affect metal objects, whereas, items like tapes, films, documents, and books tend to start degrading automatically in humid environments.

Dehumidifiers for museums and libraries are essential as a solution. Ventilation, heating, and fans are just not the right solution for such problems. This only replaced one part of the uncontrolled air with another part of uncontrolled air – which is of no use.

Actions are taken for Prevention against Humidity for Museums and Libraries in New Zealand:

Museums and Libraries are public places generally. This clearly shows that there are areas that are exposed to outside air due to ventilation and humidity enters these areas very easily.Dehumidifier usage in museums and art galleries

One way to protect and prevent such materials like the art, books, archives, etc from damage are by maintaining the levels of relative humidity at 50%. And, this has to be continuously maintained and taken care of for the whole time without even a day’s fluctuation in air conditions. This is extremely important to be taken care of during different weather seasonal changes too.

Ambale recommends Cotes dehumidifiers for museums and libraries in New Zealand. These units are reliable, robust, and energy-efficient.

Cotes dehumidifiers are manufactured in Denmark and are small, lightweight and can be easily located anywhere. Ambale dehumidifiers provide solutions that can be easily movable from one place to another.

Benefits of Ambale Dehumidifier Solutions:

  • Controls air conditions inside the museums and libraries, maintain stringent and reliable humidity levels around the complete space and also in the places where few key materials are stored

  • Humidity related damages are prevented by corrosion

  • Power consumption is less for such units the operating costs are also very low ensuring that the levels of humidity are controlled in the environment

  • Minimum maintenance and service costs are expected with these machines installed

  • There is no need to manually employ water containers from the dehumidifier. This operation is automatic as the water gets drained out of the hoses

How Ambale solution stands out in Auckland, New Zealand?

Ambale solutions to control humidity in museums and libraries:

  • Because they are compact and light, it is easy to install these dehumidifier units in confined places

  • These dehumidifiers can be mounted visibly high as they are sleek and have an elegant casting

  • They are very stylish and attractive machines

  • They have a long life and are extremely reliable machines

  • They can be easily moved around from one area to another

Ambale suggested Dehumidifiers for Museums and Libraries in New Zealand:

Ambale suggests Cotes Dehumidifiers for Museums and Libraries in Auckland, New Zealand as they best suit the requirement.

Cotes movable dehumidifier units are also recommended for storage which is temporary. These units can also be used for exhibition areas.

Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at to get the best Dehumidifiers for Museums and Libraries in New Zealand.

Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.