Dehumidifiers are types of equipment that run continuously to bring down the levels of humidity to the desired level. Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storage in New Zealand is a subject that is greatly in demand as it is one of the most essentials parameters to be considered when running a pharmaceutical company.

Dehumidifiers are machines that help in getting rid of the unnecessary moisture in the air which creates a lot of problems and destruction for medicines stored and produced in the pharmaceutical industries.

Dehumidifier for Pharmaceutical Companies in New Zealand

Dehumidification is a concept required for almost the complete process of a pharmaceutical facility starting from the production phase to the packaging phase until the storage phase. Maintaining the quality of the medicines, vaccinations, samples and other pharmaceutical products is the utmost requirement. Failing to do so may lead to extremely dangerous situations for the end-user consuming these medicines.

Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical storage in New Zealand is a grave concern as there are many pharmaceutical warehouses, pharmaceutical cold stores, pharmaceutical freezers throughout the country.

Every aspect of the pharmaceutical operation like the production area, packaging area, etc. requires stringent control over its processes. Airborne moisture is extremely critical here as it has negative effects on product specifications, packaging, powder characteristics, hygiene compliance, and much more.

If the humidity level in a Pharmaceutical Storage is uncontrolled then,

  • Clumping and Congealing of hygroscopic ingredients can occur thus giving rise to equipment blockages and processing glitches

  • Mold and Bacterias start to grow in uncontrolled moisture conditions and this impacts in quality of packaging and also creates issues in hygiene compliance

  • Regulatory approvals and documentation become a difficult taskDehumidifiers with external compressors for pharmaceutical companies in NZ

  • High maintenance costs start to erupt as production stoppages begin and as these are very unschedules issues during the process, profit margins are ultimately affected

It is Important to Reduce the Production Condition Inconsistencies in Pharmaceutical Storage Facilities

Inconsistent Humidity Conditions Create Problems In New Zealand Pharmaceutical Storages:

Often due to seasonal changes and changes in weather conditions, there exists uncontrolled and fluctuating airborne moisture in the air. This gives rise to various internal problems in the process of pharmaceutical facilities such as production, storage, packaging, etc.

Pharmaceutical products such as medicines, tablets, vaccines, blood samples, etc. need a specific air condition in which they should be stored. If these conditions are not met and taken care of then it leads to very harsh and dangerous results, sometimes it can put the consumer’s life in danger. Humidity is a major concern for maintaining the quality of Pharmaceutical products.

If the moisture levels are exceeding the desired limits, then the regulatory approvals and the documentation required for pharmaceutical storage companies in New Zealand get into trouble. This can sometimes also lead to the closure of companies.

Humid air creates clumping of hygroscopic ingredients and finally result in equipment glitches and processing blockages. Therefore, the production efficiency goes down drastically giving rise to low margin profits for the company.

Excess humidity in the air also causes spoilage and damage to products and packaging in pharmaceutical facilities.

How can Humidity in Pharmaceutical Storages in New Zealand be controlled?

When the moisture levels are controlled and maintained at desired air conditions, it creates an appropriate environment for storing pharmaceutical products, takes care of the ingredients involved in the products which are hygroscopic and any other issues that may arise due to high humidity.

Installing Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storage in New Zealand reduces risks and boosts the quality at every stage of the pharmaceutical setups, regardless of their configuration.

Large Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storage areas and Pharma WarehousesAmbale suggests Cotes dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storage in New Zealand. Ambale is well aware of the requirements of a Pharmaceutical storage and processing facility. Few of the requirements demanded by such industries are:

  • Maintaining and storing medicines at a humidity level not more than 50%Rh at a temperature level of 2 to 8 degrees Celcius

  • Few Vaccinations are supposed to be stored at 55%RH to a maximum of 60%RH at a temperature maintained between -18 to -22 degrees Celsius

  • Many other Pharmaceutical Products have crucial and critical requirements which need to be maintained at particular levels of humidity and temperature

  • Ambale has perfect solutions for such problems. Ambale Air Management Solutions are experienced with such issues around the world.

Ambale suggests Cotes dehumidifiers as they are technically very advanced and they have the capability to reduce moisture levels in the air at extremely low temperatures such as -25 degrees Celcius and also at ambient temperatures between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Cotes dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storage in New Zealand are the best because they can perform and maintain relative humidity levels at almost 20%RH. This process is very energy efficient too.

How Ambale Stands out for Dehumidifiers in New Zealand?

Ambale recommends Cotes Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storages in New Zealand as these units are professional and experienced in tackling humidity issues for such applications around the world. The issues taken care of at such facilities are:

  • It is possible for these dehumidifier machines to remove uncontrolled moisture from very large volumes of air

  • The risk in production is minimized.

  • They are exceptionally reliable machines

  • They consist of advanced control systems and monitoring for the maximum flexibilityCondensation Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Companies in NZ

  • The energy consumptions are low as they have Cotes energy recovery modules

  • Exceptionally low humidity levels are possible to attain as these units are available with special air cooling systems

Before installing a dehumidifier for pharmaceutical storage in New Zealand, there needs to be a calculation conducted for capacity and this will allow

Ambale to suggest the exact model from Cotes dehumidifiers. There are various parameters required for this capacity calculation such as the room size of the pharmaceutical rooms or setup, temperature levels, air flows, etc.

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