Air Purification – Air Treatment – Air Cleaning 

While breathing, if we inhale anything apart from air or water vapor, it is a pollutant. It includes volatile organic compounds, smoke, dust, pollen, or sometimes even pet hair. 

Air is invisible to the eye. But, that does not mean that it is pure and dust-free. Air is important not only for humans but also for materials and products. Any room like a kitchen, living area, restaurant, etc. need to be pure and clean. So, how do these different kinds of rooms maintain pure and clean air? 

Air purifiers are of various sorts and types. Few are domestic types and few are for commercial usage. The ones used for commercial usage are mainly for kitchens, restaurants, foodstuff production, multi-family residences, agricultural plants, etc. These kinds of applications need industrial and tough air purifying machines which can sustain a huge amount of airflow while cleaning the air. 

Ambale Air Purification has products for Ventilation, Compactors, Sanitation, and Small Spaces. 

What benefits do Ambale Air Purifiers provide?

Less Grease

Amable AIr purifiers are ozone-based machines. The chemical reaction occurred by ozone successfully reduces grease formation in ventilation ducts. This helps in reducing them to dry minerals and water. 

Reduced Odour

Ambale Air purifiers are capable of decreasing odors and reducing vapor generated due to chemicals. These are mainly particles that are not captured by ordinary filters. 

Low Maintainance Cost

Ambale Air Purifiers run on a continuous basis. They do not need frequent maintenance. An annual clean up of the glass cells would be more than enough. These units once installed, do a hassle-free job. 

Improved Fire Safety

Grease is one of the major reasons to spread fire in ducts. Instaling Ambale Air Purifiers give a remarkable reduction in grease, which in turn prevents fire from spreading within such ducting systems.  

Heat Recovery

While cleaning or treating the air with Ambale Air Purifiers, it allows the usage of kitchen air to be used as Heat Exchangers. This heat recovery helps in energy-saving and is very economical. 

No Bacteria

As Ambale Air Purifiers use ozone effectively, it helps eliminate all kinds of bacterias and germs forming in ducts and on various surfaces. These machines are successfully used for sanitation purposes too. 


Ambale Air Purification in New Zealand is provided for various applications like Restaurants, Industrial and Commercial Kitchens, Companies, Municipality Usage, Water Treatment Plants, Water Sewage Systems, Compactors, etc. 

Ambale Air Purifiers are supplied in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Northland, Queenstown, Napier, Wellington, and all parts of NZ and also Fiji. Contact us with your requirement for air purification by sending an email to or just call +64 22 061 7007 and speak to us.