Dehumidifiers for Wineries in New Zealand is an essential part of running a winery itself. Dehumidifiers are devices that run continuously to reduce the levels of moisture in the air inside a specified room volume. Dehumidifiers for Wineries are important because maintaining the desired levels of humidity or moisture content inside these facilities is a must. This ensures good product quality and results in customer satisfaction.

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Wineries in NZ

New Zealand has many wineries around the country and is one of the most successful businesses in the nation.

Wine is a constantly sold product and belongs to the food industry which makes it even more critical in terms of regulations and standard compliance requirements. Therefore, the right humidity levels to be maintained play a vital role in the production and many other phases during the processing of wine. Dehumidifiers for Wineries solve most of the issues which may arise due to the high moisture content in the air.

Why Managing Humidity in Wineries is Important?

Winemaking in New Zealand is a great occupation and has reached global markets. This business has been running for many years and is one of New Zealand’s highly ranked trade sectors. Wineries need an ideal technology to run its processing facilities smoothly. But, if the control on the conditions like humidity or temperature is not taken care of, the end product may suffer from commercial success and the companies can be at risk because:

  • The wine quality becomes inconsistent with inconsistent storage conditions

  • The value and the visual impressions of the product can be affected if the packaging and labels are damagedDehumidifiers for Wine Processing in NZ

  • The structure and the pipes inside the wineries may get damaged due to corrosion and condensation

  • The hygiene all over the winery gets compromised

  • The staff working at the wineries may not face good health and safety

Better Production Conditions and Hygiene is ensured with Controlled Humidity

What are the challenges in Wineries due to Humidity?

The process of winemaking has multiple stages based on fermentation. This takes place from small scale wine business owners to large industrial productions of wine.

Most of the processes in a winery work at a particular range of temperature levels. When the temperature variations come in contact with the warm surrounding air, the airborne condensation takes place and moisture levels in the air go very high. This moisture condenses on pipe works, building structures and surfaces, various equipment, etc. This condensation creates a lot of corrosion and damage to equipment. Hence, the processing inside the wineries loses control over the conditions.

If there is even a slight formation of moisture or condensation, there is bacterial growth all over the place and could formation starts over the equipment and surfaces which ends up affecting the packaging, labels, and the overall result of the finished product.

How to Get Rid of Humidity Problems in Wineries?

Ambale has a perfect solution for humidity control in Wineries in Auckland, New Zealand. Ambale recommends Cotes Dehumidifiers from Denmark as the best solution to get rid of condensation in Winery Processing Facilities.

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Wineries in NZ

Cotes dehumidifiers allow wineries to maintain perfect and desired air conditions throughout the facility. This includes all stages like production, storage of wine. The containers in which the wine is finally stored also is moisture-free once dehumidifiers for wineries are installed.

Ambale provides a solution in which the condensation will never happen as the Cotes dehumidifiers control the air dew point. Hence, condemnation never forms in the first place which is extremely healthy for the facility. This is taken care of irrespective of the seasonal weather changes.

Benefits of Ambale Solution:
  • Better control on air conditions in the winery

  • Issues with condensation and corrosion are extremely low. This helps prevent equipment and structure damage inside the processing areas

  • Wine storage functions at great consistent conditions and yields great resultsWineries in NZ need Dehumidifiers

  • The labels and packaging is not damaged

  • The staff members of the wineries work are safe and healthy environments

  • The overall hygiene of the winery is great. This helps build a good brand and reputation for the wine companies

Ambale suggested Dehumidifiers for Wineries in New Zealand:

Ambale suggests the Cotes dehumidifiers for wineries in New Zealand which have good air condition control in terms of lowering the levels of moisture and not giving rise to condensation at all.

Cotes Dehumidifiers are installed in many wineries around the globe and are performing at their peak and giving great results to companies.

A few parameters required for suggesting a suitable dehumidifier model for the winery are the size of the room, the temperature feels maintained inside the room, the number of windows and doors inside the room, and also any other openings throughout which outside air can enter into the room. The outside air is always vulnerable as it contains high levels of humidity and can damage the air conditions inside the winery processing areas.

Ambale’s experience with similar applications recommends the large Cotes dehumidifiers as they are versatile. These units belong to the flexible range and they have very high capacities and airflow configurations. Hence, these dehumidifiers are capable of keeping the entire facility under a moisture-free zone.

The Cotes dehumidifier models are the perfect solution for wineries in New Zealand as they have high levels of technical configurations and help wineries stay humid free.

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