Dehumidification System for Data Centers and Server Rooms

The humidity level in data centers and server rooms must be kept under control with the help of dehumidifiers. There are many components and equipment that can be damaged due to the presence of moist air. These critical components must be kept safe from moisture and condensation must be prevented at any cost. On the contrary arid dry air can cause static electricity on the surface causing damage to the equipment. Hence we can conclude that neither high humidity nor low humidity is good in data centers. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage Facilities

One might argue that with proper design and construction of the building there is no need of worrying about the humidity which is not true. Natural humidity can pose challenges even in the safest of buildings. Humidity has been a great nuisance for data centers and their server rooms. Without the necessary steps being taken the data centers and their server rooms may suffer from great damage. Read more on how to keep dry air storage – humid-free

Humidity Management in the Data Center and Server Room 

Temperature and humidity are the two environmental factors that need constant monitoring in the data centers and server rooms. Humidity can cause more trouble than the temperature in the data centers and server rooms. The reason humidity maintenance is so important is because of its two-pronged attack. Condensation occurs if the level of humidity is too high. Condensation on the metal surfaces of equipment causes corrosion in them. One of the main parts that are corroded due to condensation is the wires. Corrosion in metal wires is a very dangerous thing because it can cause electrical shorts. As a result fire breakout, loss of important data, waste of time, etc. can be experienced.

This is just only one side of the problem. Along with high humidity low humidity brings a different set of challenges. In case the humidity in the air is too low the absence of moisture helps the servers develop electrostatic charges. The discharge of this electricity can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Whether it is due to high humidity or due to low humidity a loss is a loss and hence people must be prepared for the humidity problem. The increased downtime caused due to the system failure is very harmful to the business owner as they can lose their reliability. Secondly, the repairs and replacement of the equipment can cause great financial loss to them. This is why data centers need to monitor and control the humidity level all the time. Learn more on how humidity affects electronic items? 

Reducing Humidity in Data Centers

There are many ways to reduce humidity in data centers and server rooms. Many data centers and server rooms have installed air conditioners as they can control temperature and humidity with them. While air conditioners can provide humidity control to a certain extent they are not as effective as dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers offer precise control in humidity levels. Unlike the air conditioners, dehumidifiers are more flexible and do not have limitations. Air conditioners do not provide the user with monitoring of every corner of the room. In fact, the sensors of the air conditioners are less sensitive in comparison to the environmental sensors. An additional environmental sensor with dehumidifiers is the best way to keep track of the humidity level in the data centers and servers. Read about Controlling Excess Humidity in Printing Circuit Boards Stoarge. 

The Most Ideal Levels for Server Rooms to be Safe are as follows:


The first thing that needs to be kept in check is the temperature in the server room. Many types of research and practical experiences of the people have pointed that the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees is the most suitable temperature for the server rooms.


The second level to be controlled is the humidity level of the server room. To keep the electronic equipment safe the humidity in the server room should be maintained between 40 to 60 percent.

Dew point

The Dew point is the factor that is not discussed as much as the other two environmental factors. The ideal dew point is not exact as it greatly depends on other parameters such as the percent of air intake, outside humidity.

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