Dehumidification in Cleanrooms and Drying Rooms

Clean and drying rooms are a very important part of the production of electronic equipment and semiconductors. During their production development of electrostatic charge is quite common. Such developments can lead to damage to the goods and even accidents sometimes. This is the very reason why all the processes that are sensitive need to be performed in cleanrooms and drying rooms. Such rooms must be protected from humidity as their basic function is to protect electrical equipment from humidity. Read more about Dehumidifiers for Logistics

Dehumidification is one of the most important things that need to be done in a clean room and drying room. The demand for dehumidifiers in the electronics and semiconductor industry is very high. In fact, these companies are the biggest markets for dehumidifiers. The requirement of the type of dehumidifiers in the cleanroom and drying room depends on the type of industry it is related to. For example, the ideal level of the dehumidifier in the pharmaceutical industry is about 10 percent while the cleanroom and dry room for the lithium battery production industry is only about 2 percent. Similarly, an automobile industry requirement maybe around 35 percent. To adjust to every kind of humidity requirement reliable and efficient dehumidifiers need to be installed.

Duoventic: individual vernier adjustment of humidity level and volumetric flow

Our stationary and mobile industrial dehumidifiers in the market work with different variations based on the principle of our system which helps to ensure a high level of performance capacity in them along with keeping their energy consumption relatively very low. The dehumidifiers are designed with duodenitis air volume regulation which makes them flexible according to the requirement of dry air. This system makes it possible to control the fans of different circuits individually with the help of changeable electronic regulation. This makes it possible to control the humidity level and volumetric flow of the air with precision. We even have dehumidifiers that are designed to operate in small spaces.

Adsorption Dryers for large rooms

If the cleanrooms and drying rooms are very large then we have large industrial adsorption dryers that are capable of drying a huge quantity of air at a time. we have models that can dehumidify from 800 cubic meters of air per hour to 13500 cubic meters of air per hour. However large the size of the cleanrooms and drying rooms these models are capable of providing continuous dry air for the safety of your products.

Advanced measurement technology and data loggers made with the best of technology

The environmental measurement of the electronics and semiconductor industries must be very precise because even a slight misjudgment can cause huge loss to the manufacturer. Our reliable measurement data loggers to measure all the aspects of the environment will help you to keep the environmental condition at constant. These data loggers have been used by many of our customers and have had great feedback in the past. 

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