Dehumidification when Coating

Presenting the most advanced regulation of the volumetric flow rate for a constant air volume

Coating car components is a delicate process in which various aspects of the environment must be controlled to a certain degree to get the best results. In New Zealand, the three most important factors that need to be controlled are the temperature of the room, humidity, and the dust content in the air. We provide dehumidifiers and heating devices to control the temperature and humidity along with air cleaners equipped with special volumetric flow regulation technology for the automotive industry.

Ambale has high-performance devices of various series which are specifically suited for the purpose of dehumidification during the coating of the automobile components in the automobile industry. We provide both mobile and stationary versions of desiccant dehumidifiers as per the requirement and comfort of our customers. The various models of heating units form our line of products also help to maintain standard temperature for the coating process. During the coating process adherence to certain levels of airflow, temperature and humidity is required and need to be as precise as possible which can easily be maintained with the help of our highly regarded mobile devices. 

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Mobile flowmeter control 

During the dispatching and drying of coated parts, our mobile professional air cleaners are the best additional installation that is sure to maintain the quality of air in the entrance and exit areas. In many cases, over the course of time, the volumetric flow of air is compromised due to the clogging of air filters but our company has devised an innovative system to get rid of such problems. The air filters come with sensors that are capable of keeping the airflow in check and adapt to the requirement dynamically. It helps to keep the coating quality constant and gets rid of air pollution in the workplace. 

Drafting and test run: make use of our industrial services

We provide our industrial customers with not only equipment but also solutions. We help our customers to draft the ideal climate conditioning for coating lines, drying rooms and the dispatch area in the automobile industry. We also run the test to ensure optimum results beforehand. We meticulously keep on conducting trials until we get the desired result for our customers. 

Ambale Dehumidifiers are available for Coating and Painting applications. Our units are available in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch, Northland, etc. and all cities in New Zealand. Contact us with your query at or call us on +64 22 061 7007