In a hatchery, storing of eggs in the right way is a very essential part before the incubation period. This is a very critical situation as these eggs need to be stored with utmost care so that no damage occurs to them. Storage time duration for the eggs in a hatchery is approximately around 1 to 20 days. This depends on the place and area and region it is stored in. If the area is too cold then it may take longer for the eggs to hatch and if the area is comparatively warmer, it may just take few days. If these eggs are not taken care of stored in improper conditions, the quality of the chick and the egg hatching is hindered. Proper storing of eggs will help the incubation to happen once the process is initiated only and not before that. For all this to be maintained and taken care of, the temperature and humidity factors need to be considered where the eggs are stored.

Dehumidification is extremely important in a place where egg is stored. Dehumidification will stop the eggs from hatching before its due time. Dehumidifiers installed in such areas will take care of the maintained temperature and humidity In the rooms. When these eggs are stored, it is essential to reach the physiological zero. This is the point of temperature where the embryo development completely stops. The ideal temperature to hold back the embryo in the egg is 21 degrees Celsius. Depending on the number of days the eggs are stored, the temperature will vary accordingly. It is known that the cooler the room is in which eggs are stored, is how long the eggs can be stored. In case the temperature exceeds or goes beyond 21 degrees Celsius, it is harmful for the eggs and can cause damage.

Humidity as mentioned is a critical parameter for storing of eggs. It depends on the number of days the eggs will be stored but the humidity level should be anywhere between 75% to 80% RH. Eggs stored in higher levels of humidity to lower levels of humidity tend to get damaged. Higher levels of humidity in the egg storage rooms can cause wetting of eggs. If humidity levels rise in the egg storage room, a dehumidifier can be installed and used to bring down the RH levels to a desired point. These dehumidifiers need to have a regular check and service done for great performance.

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