Dehumidification is an essential requirement for food-based companies and facilities. Food is a perishable commodity and its major concern is hygiene. Dehumidification brings down the levels of moisture in a given space to keep up the health of the products being processed or stored.

One of the growing problems in today’s food industry in the excess humidity issues in Breweries.

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Breweries in various cities in NZ

Dehumidifiers for Breweries in New Zealand is a must in terms of preventing bacterial growth and condensation in the brewing facilities. Breweries are mostly companies that craft special quality beer made of local raw materials. Dehumidifiers for breweries acts as a compulsion to maintain brand quality and purity for the end product.

Why Preventing Condensation in Breweries is essentials?

The inner air conditions and temperatures inside the facility of a brewery is extremely crucial. This applies to various parts of the brewing areas. These breweries have different kinds of temperature level requirements in different parts of the facility. The temperature difference is one of the major reasons for humidity increase and fluctuations throughout.

Few of the challenges faced are:

  • The brewery floor, pipes, different types of equipment, vessels, etc. have condensation formed all over them

  • The building, equipment used for brewing, fittings, etc. go through a lot of damage and also corrosion at timesDehumidifiers for Breweries in New Zealand

  • Compliance issues arise due to low results in hygiene. This is mainly because of the bacterial growth and mold formations

  • Power consumption is high and energy bills look big without saving any practical problems

  • Uncontrolled humidity results in very high maintenance costs

Challenges Faced in New Zealand Breweries due to Excess Humidity:

The brewing industry is a sector where many features and perspectives are to be considered. It is a complex industry. It is also a condition sensitive business line. Being sure about the temperature and other air conditions in almost all areas within such facilities are very crucial staring from the mixing of ingredients to the storage of end products.

The air available outside the brewery, unfortunately, consists of water vapor which is continuously fluctuating both in specification and quantity depending on the season and time of the day. Now, when this kind of unmanaged air enters the buildings or structures where the pipes and housing exist, there is an instant formation of condensation which takes place.

Normally you get to see condensation on floors, vessels, equipment, pipework, cold surfaces, etc. Situations, where yeast kettles are bubbling at almost 5 degrees Celcius in particular rooms and the room, is maintained at an actual temperature of 20 degrees Celcius, condensation is sure to happen.

Condensation results in unwanted bacterial growth and mold which almost flourishes on walls and in ceilings. This also causes other kinds of damage and corrosion to fittings, structures, etc.

The worst that happens is when steam cleaning takes place. The humidity levels rise even more and the moisture present in the air becomes uncontrolled, though we feel that the things around and the place looks clean and hygienic instantly.

Machines such as air-con units, ventilation units, and fans are never a solution to these problems. These systems only replace one part of the air which is humid and uncontrolled with another part of the same sort. And, this is again with very little control. Hence, Dehumidifiers for Breweries in New Zealand is a must.

How can Humidity in Breweries be Eliminated in New Zealand?

Ambale dehumidification systems help and support in eliminating such problems. This results in maintaining control over the air conditions inside the brewery at every stage – which is both the production and the area and the storage area where the finally prepared beer is stored.

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Breweries in NZCotes dehumidifiers allow your brewer staff members to maintain and control the air conditions. These dehumidifiers for breweries work efficiently to maintain the desired level of 65% relative humidity at a 20 degrees Celcius temperature. This is an ideal condition for almost all areas inside a brewery which end up eliminating the problem of condensation as a whole.

Ambale suggests Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers for breweries that are unique and have an additional heat recovery module attached to the main unit. This helps in reducing the energy costs used for such cases.

Benefits of Installing Dehumidifiers for Breweries:

Dehumidifiers for Breweries is the most important aspect a brewing company has to consider as they have various benefits by installing the same. Few of them are:

  • Maintains great end to end control over the air conditions inside the brewery

  • All problems related to condensation are largely eliminated

  • Prevents damages occurring to structures, buildings and also prevents corrosionRequirement of Dehumidifiers while Brewing Beer

  • Results in low energy consumption by using the Cotes heat recover module units

  • Agrees to compliance standards and ensures better safety and hygiene

  • Maintenance costs and service costs for equipment and building is very low

How Ambale Solutions stand out from Competition in New Zealand:

  • Ambale solutions are extremely reliable, compact and robust

  • Ambale suggest Cotes dehumidifiers for breweries which is manufacture in Denmark

  • These units are great in design and they inherit great hygiene practice

  • Minimal operational costs with low energy consumption

Dehumidifiers for Breweries in Auckland, New Zealand:

Ambale provides a Danish solution for dehumidification which is manufactured by Cotes, Denmark. The Cotes dehumidifier is the best-suited solution for controlling moisture content in breweries around the world. Various case studies around the world have proven Cotes dehumidifiers to be the best solution for humidity control.

Industrial Dehumidifiers for Breweries in NZAmbale believes in giving the right solution for the right requirement. Our global experience in humidity control machines indicates the above models to be exceptionally versatile in solving the problems of excessive moisture in breweries.

The main units are the flexible units form the Cotes range of dehumidifiers.

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Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.