Vehicle Temperature Monitoring and Tracking for Hospitals

The vehicles for hospitals carry various things which include vaccines, drugs, and many other sensitive packages. The delivery of the product is not the only thing people should be concerned about when it comes to the transportation of these types of products. How these shipments were carried out, what was the temperature etc. are some of the important issues one must be concerned about. Even a slight change in temperature can severely damage the quality of the vaccines and other medicinal products. These products are absolutely temperature sensitive. So according to the many government protocols and other standard procedures these products must be kept within a certain temperature range during storage as well as during their transportation. Ambale Co. provides various solutions for real-time monitoring of temperature in vehicles in New Zealand. Our services are available in all the major cities of New Zealand such as Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, etc.  Our team of experts understands the necessity of an accurate and effective monitoring system in vehicles carrying hospital products. With the help of these monitoring systems, many hospitals have ensured they get their product in the top-notch quality they desire. Read more about Shipment Monitoring for Hospitals in NZ.

Solution 1: Full-featured real-time temperature monitoring and tracking

These monitoring systems are capable of tracking the vehicles and routes with the help of real-time GPS tracking.  The user can also get the temperature measurement in real-time. A display is kept in the driver’s cabin so that the driver can observe the overall temperature condition of the cargo space where the products have been kept. It helps the driver to know the condition of the container without him requiring stopping the vehicle and opening the cargo. The alert system of the monitoring system uses the medium of SMS or email to alert the user if the temperature reaches the undesired range. Read more on Various types of sensors in Real-time from Ambale Co. 

The display gateway is installed where the driver can read the display while driving. It is one of the most effective ways to keep the cargo from getting high temperatures for a long period of time. The driver becomes easily aware of the high temperature and hence can take necessary precautions to prevent any kind of damage. According to the size of the cargo and requirement, 1 to 4 wireless temperature sensors are used for real-time monitoring in the cargo. The user also can get trailer temperatures as per the need of the user. In this case, the display of the gateway shows two tractors and two trailer temperatures. read more about Deep Freezer monitoring in Hospitals and clinics.

Solution 2: Low-cost temperature data logging

With this system, the user can get automated measurements of temperature from the cargo space. The gateway infrastructure help to monitor the temperature of the shipment. When the vehicle reaches terminal areas SMS or Email alert is sent to the user from temperature excursions. The temperature sensors are generally installed inside the shipments to increase the effectiveness of the temperature sensors. The sensors come with internal memory systems that keep the measurement record in the absence of a gateway to send the data to the user. In case the gateway is available the temperature sensors send the measurement data to Ambale Co. through the gateway. The terminal areas are equipped with gateways so they automatically collect the measurement data from wireless sensors when they reach the terminal area. All the collected data can easily be accessed by the user with the help of Ambale Co. services. The wireless sensors’ capacity ranges from 100 to 400 meters depending upon the ambient environment.

Cool dolly/ trailer solution

This solution also comes with real-time monitoring from cargo space. Other features include real-time GPS tracking, route reporting, POI departure, and arrival reporting. The alert system is almost identical to solution one and solution 2. The installation process includes the setting of 1 to 3 sensors inside each cool dolly. In this case, fully waterproof sensors are used which can operate at an extremely low temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. The sensors are attached with adhesive tape or cable ties. The cooling unit’s battery is used to power the gateway which is installed inside the cooling unit. With the help of the gateway, the Ambale service gets the location of the vehicle and measurement from the sensors.

Ambale Real-time Monitoring Solutions

Ambale Real-time Monitoring Solutions are manufactured in Europe which are well suited for various requirements.

Ambale Real-time Monitoring systems are available and supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Northland, Christchurch, Fiji, Hamilton, Queenstown, Tauranga, and all parts of New Zealand and Fiji. Please contact our technical team at Ambale Co. by sending us an email at or call us on +64 22 061 7007. We believe in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.