Building material moisture measuring device T510

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The measurement of moisture in building materials is a very important process. Building professionals all around the world have been searching for the most effective and accurate methods for the measurement of moisture in building material for many years. Building research also has put great emphasis on more detailed studies of fundamental physical processes that underlie moisture transport. Read more about Wood Moisture Meters from Ambale Co. in New Zealand. Read more about Why Contractors use Moisture Meters in New Zealand? 

Building material moisture meter NZ

Wood and building material moisture measuring device T510 is designed for building professionals looking for aid in diagnosing the nature and cause of building defects. These devices easily fit in hand making them easily portable and convenient to use for the accurate determination of wood and material moisture content with the help of the resistance measuring method.

This device has been specially found to be suited for the measurement of moisture in soft building materials that include soft building materials such as gypsum and plaster. Apart from that these devices are also often used to measure the moisture content in wood-based materials. They are very popular in forest enterprises, sawmills, and wood processing companies. Since wood shrinkage is vastly dependent on the amount of moisture, it becomes absolutely important to monitor the moisture content of the wood products.

Our T510 provides a menu option in which the user can select a wide range of wood types for the moisture measurement of wood-based materials. This is possible with the use of varieties of validated material curves that come with the device software. The 170 pages in the wood type directory are probably the most detailed and extensive compendium of material curves available in the market and we pride ourselves in that. Read more about Quick Wood and Building Moisture Measuring Instruments. 

The devices also contain a customized function for the temperature compensation of the materials to be measured which can be expected from a professional building material moisture measuring device of great quality. Moisture meter for building materials NZ

T510 comes with many features which makes it one of the most sorted out the device in the market. The device is capable of indicating the determined wood moisture and the defined wood temperature side by side. The display surface of the device is made up Blanview special glass which is highly scratch resistant and it also has a capacitive touchscreen control panel.

The user can find that the device is designed and produced with the highest quality standards with just one use. With a robust design, the user can be assured to have their money’s worth with the devices. The device becomes easier to use with the presence of a capacitive touchscreen control panel.

Users also can combine the practical benefits of the device with the advanced possibilities of a flexible electrode selection. With the help of a TS adapter which is available for the users optionally, the users can connect all Multimeasure electrodes for wood and building measurement to the T510. With this, the user can benefit from the application range which is provided by very few other devices in the market. The T510 device is compatible with all kinds of Multimeasure electrodes be it ram electrode, round flat, or layer depth electrodes. Read more about the use of moisture meters in building inspection work NZ. 

TS 4/200 and TS 4/300 round electrodes by Ambale CO.

These electrodes are very thin insertion electrodes that are uninsulated and 2mm thick. Suitable for the measurement in buildings and insulating materials these electrodes are high in demand. Apart from these electrodes we also have TS 8/200 and TS 8/300 round electrodes. These electrodes are highly practical for the measurement of moisture in mounds such as wood wool or shavings. These electrodes are 4mm thick for uninsulated insertion of electrodes. TS 12/1200 and TS 12/300 are electrodes that are especially used in the moisture measurement in concealed component layers where the electrode shaft is required to be insulated. The measuring result can hugely be affected by the absence of insulation and the data produced from the procedure cannot be trusted. Ceiling walls such as screeds, multilayered walls, wooden beam ceilings, warm roof’s moisture is measured with the help of such electrodes. TS 12/600 are very long electrodes with a length of 600mm are best suited for the measurement of very thick walls and flat roofs. The long length of the electrodes enables them to be inserted very deep into the surface and collect the data of moisture effectively.

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