Creating the best environment for spectators and players in NZ

New Zealand has many ice rinks all around the country. Ice skating is a very famous sport in NZ and maintaining ice rinks is very essential. As the temperature inside these areas is very low, humidity is attracted very easily. Controlling humidity in ice rinks in NZ is compulsory. 

Many sports are played in an ice rink and the popularity of these facilities is growing day by day. People go to an ice rink to enjoy themselves and have a good time with their family and friends. Hence it is important that the spectators who have come to the ice rink or the players and guests must have a good experience. While keeping the comfort of the people the owners and operators also have to think about the operating costs. After all, one of the principles of this business is to gain profit. Both targets cannot be achieved if the operators fail to control the humidity level around the ice rinks. Similar applications like Dehumidifiers for Gyms and Dehumidifiers for Sports facilities are also essential. 

Fluctuating humidity can result in wet and uneven ice surfaces which can cause accidents and can create difficulty for the people to perform. If the weather is warm outside then fog is created which compromises the visibility of the people. Ice rinks have cold surfaces which creates an ideal environment for condensation. This can make the floor slippery causing accidents. All three parties’ sponsors, players, and spectators are left unsatisfied.  The operational and maintenance costs also increase. The cleaning cost also increases because of the wet surfaces.

How to deal with the source?

Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers are the answer to any kind of humidity related problems. These dehumidifiers are capable of completely preventing any kind of corrosion and condensation. First of all these dehumidifiers will adjust the dew point of the air as per the requirement which will in turn stop the process of moisture in the air to condense in water droplets. The dew point is adjusted so low that it completely eliminates condensation. According to various experts if the dew point is maintained at 5 degrees Celsius at 65 percent humidity then it completely prevents the problem of condensation and mist formation.  With just a switch all the problems from the humidity can be washed away.

Elimination of humidity helps to get rid of the corrosion and other safety issues. These also improve the core experience in an ice rink and have a positive impact on all the parties involved in the sports. 

What are the advantages you get with Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers?

  • Uniform surface and better ice conditions in which players can perform more efficiently.
  • You can get stable and controlled air conditions throughout the year.
  • The ice rinks have to face fewer problems of corrosion due to condensation.
  • The maintenance and service cost is greatly reduced to the liking of the owner.
  • The people involved in sports are overall more satisfied. 
  • It also greatly reduces safety hazards that can be caused by slippery floors or poor visibility.
  • The cleaning costs due to wet floors and ceilings are also vastly reduced.

Ambale Dehumidifiers have proven records in controlling humidity in ice rinks around the world. These units are available in desiccant mobile dehumidifiers and desiccant industrial dehumidifiers. Ambale dehumidification systems are supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Northland, Queenstown, and all parts of New Zealand. Call us and speak to us regarding your requirement on how you can control excess humidity in your ice rinks in NZ. You may reach us anytime at +64 22 061 7007 or send us an email at