Dehumidification during Storage Dispatch and Transport

Humidity can affect hygroscopic goods at any time from storing to dispatching or even during transport. Letting the guard down even during one process can wreak havoc and all the hard work can go to waste. No matter how good of a quality in goods you provide without the proper care during storage, dispatch, and transporting the quality is going to suffer sometimes rendering these goods useless. This is especially true for hygroscopic materials such as chemical and pharmaceutical products. Although various methods are used to protect goods from humidity there is no replacement for the dehumidifiers. Read more about Dehumidifiers for Logistics and Dehumidifiers for Storage Areas

Humidity poses a great threat to pharmaceutical and chemical products even during the manufacturing stage. The raw materials used to manufactures such products are stored in a silo in storerooms. Such products can easily go lumpy, caked and spoiled even if a small amount of moisture is left behind. Although they are produced in absolutely dry conditions if the storage condition is not proper then even good packaging cannot save the products from going lumpy. It is because with the humidity level going over 55 percent in the storeroom the packaging may start soaking moisture which in turn will pass the moisture content in the products inside. The same can happen during packaging and dispatching of the products. So as a manufacturer one must take care of the humidity level in every step of the production till the delivery to the customers. Read about Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage. 

Concept of end to end Dehumidification

Our company’s team of experts will help to draft a master plan that will help you to provide suitable dehumidification from raw materials warehouse to transportation. You do not have to rely on various systems for the protection of your goods. We develop such systems that will ensure impeccable dry conditions for packaging, storing, and transportation of goods. 

Adsorption dryers in a both mobile and stationary model

We recommend our customers to use Adsorption/Desiccant Dryers for storage, packaging, and transportation. These absorption dryers are found both in mobile as well as a stationary version for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These models are also available in various variants. With two separate air ducts in these dehumidifiers, the air volumetric flow can be controlled separately for the air ducts. This gives the dehumidifiers great flexibility in terms of adjustability. With such a wide range, you can easily find what you are looking for. 

Our company not only provides equipment we provide them with complete solutions. We help them run various tests and trials mimicking the real condition scenario to draft a master plan that will help to maintain the most appropriate level of humidity. We are very proud to help our thousands of customers and get a positive response from them.

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