It is a must to install Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in Auckland, New Zealand. Dehumidifiers are machines that perform their best and bring down moisture levels in closed spaces. Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in New Zealand are a compulsory requirement as the application is a moist environment when compared to other applications and New Zealand as a country is extremely humid.

Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in NZ

Boats have to be protected against Below – Decks Humidity

Boat Storage in Winter Season is a challenging task. As the weather conditions and air climatic conditions in winter portray way more humidity than in any other season, it is very essential to have a dehumidifier installed to get rid of unwanted humidity.

Few problems and issues created in Boat Storage facilities due to excess humidity in New Zealand:

  • Business owners of Boat Storage companies very well know how difficult it is and how time-consuming it is to move gears off and on at the start and end of every sailing season

  • Any kind of moisture left on surfaces or the board condenses and creates damages. There is also unpleasant smell due to condensation

  • The mold and bacterial growth that occurs due to high humidity tend to spoil and damage the walls, fittings, and furniture inside the boats

  • Deterioration occurs to any kind of sailing gears, ropes, and cabins inside the boat that is exposed to a high amount of humidity content in the airAmbale Mobile dehumidifiers for Boat Storage

Boat Storage in Auckland, New Zealand, and in fact Boat Storage in New Zealand as a whole needs humidity controlled at desired levels to avoid destruction to boats.

Boats in New Zealand – Whether for Commercial usage or Leisure Purpose – Are extremely Expensive and are huge Investments. These are assets that are worth being protected. This is most often for boats which are mostly on land and not used frequently in winter seasons.

When these boats are stored for days and sometimes for months together, humidity inside these boats shoots up which results in equipment and interior damage which also end up smelling musty and stale. This is extremely pathetic when seen in real. The look of the boat completely gets destroyed due to high moisture in the air.

In such cases, if Dehumidifies for Boat Storage is not taken as an option then owners of such boats have to always remove the sailing gears and other important equipment while it is off-season and bring it on to the facilities when it is ready for the next.

Boats in New Zealand need Protection towards money-saving and the interiors have to be a pleasure – boosting

In winter seasons, the boat interiors are almost at the same levels of moisture as it is in the air outside. Can say – a 100% Relative Humidity. Damages and Corrosion easily take place as soon as the relative humidity levels in the air cross 65%.

At a 75% RH level, mold growth and condensation deposits start to form leading all the woodwork, equipment, interiors, etc. to get spoilt.

Heating and ventilation or opening of doors and windows are not the solutions at all to get rid of such moisture. In fact, by doing so, the outside airborne humidity creates a worse effect inside the decks.

How to Tackle Boat Humidity Problems Effectively in New Zealand?

Ambale Dehumidification Solutions provide great humidity control machines for boat storage in New Zealand. They have experience in handling similar situations in boat storage facilities around the world by installing Cotes Dehumidifiers.

Cotes machines are compact and reliable, they are energy efficient. The Cotes dehumidifiers are made of the adsorption technology which is the ideal solution for boat storage humidity removal. These units give the entire control of relative humidity in the air present inside the boats. The Cotes dehumidifier Machines are capable of working to an extent of low-temperature levels going unto -30 degrees Celcius.

Few business owners prefer to keep these dehumidifier devices installed permanently and plumbed into the heating and ventilation system of the boat. This helps them from being carefree about the Humidity Control for Boat Storage in NZBelow deck spaces of the boat throughout the year in any weather condition.

There are also few business owners who prefer to keep the mobile and portable dehumidifier units which they can take on board and off-board easily as and when they want. This only required a few hoses to transfer the dry air and wet air.

How does Ambale provide a service which Protects Boats resulting in Dry Air?

Cotes Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in New Zealand has:

  • They combine Cotes humidity management units with tough shrink-wrapped plastic protection

  • They have tough hoses made of plastic that connect 6 to 8 boats on to an outdoor installed dehumidifier. This outdoor machine supplies almost 40-meter cube of dry air into each boat every hour. This helps in Relative Humidity to be maintained at 65%

  • The weather protection which is shrink-wrapped protect the equipment and the decks against the uncontrolled weather and dirt and helps maintain it dry

  • With the support of Cotes Dehumidifier, the boats need not be moved to costly indoor storage areas but can be kept in the same place with the surety of it being dry

  • Result in sailing satisfaction

Ambale Benefits by Installing Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in New Zealand:

  • The boat is protected on an overall basis

  • The below-deck humidity levels are controlled in a better way

  • The boat is maintained well in terms of attractiveness and resale value

  • Boat Storage owners need not bother about shifting or moving equipment, sailing gears, etc. after the winter season

  • Costly indoor winter storage can be avoided

  • They are Reliable machines and all the operations can be handled by the port employees as the units are very user-friendly

How Ambale Solutions Stand Out in Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in New Zealand:

  • Lightweight and compact dehumidifier units which can be easily installed to mounted anywhere

  • These machines can be stored in small areas

  • Extremely Reliable devices

  • Cotes has dehumidifiers designed for Boat users

Our global experience in humidity control machines indicates the above models to be exceptionally versatile in solving the problems of excessive moisture in boat storage facilities.

Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at to get the best Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage in New Zealand.

Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.