Why Do Contractors Use Moisture Meters?

The construction field is a very sensitive field. As contractors people have to consider various factors that include environmental factors too. One of the major environmental factors that affect the construction a great deal is “moisture”. Especially the moisture in the gib, plywood, plasterboard, flooring, doors, joinery, architrave, window reveals, etc. should be monitored for the overall proper sustainable construction work. Ambale Co. has been providing a wide range of moisture models for domestic and professional use in various cities of New Zealand such as Christchurch, Napier, Auckland, Wellington, and many more. Read more on Quick Wood and Building Moisture Measuring Instrument

As a contractor, people have many responsibilities in their daily work. To be a top rank contractor a person must be able to ensure every detail of their work has no complications. This is the main factor that separates a top tier contractor from other ordinary contractors. Many contractors opt for professional moisture meters to ensure the installation of many building materials in concrete and hardwood flooring. The monitoring of the moisture content percentage is a must to avoid any complications during the construction process.

What makes the little handy little devices so useful in the construction work? There are few reasons that make moisture meters an integral part of construction work.

1. Very simple to use

The moisture meters are very easy and simple to use. There is no complicated process involved with the device to measure the moisture content. These devices can portable and can easily be carried in the pocket while going for the job. Even a simple worker can easily understand the working operation of the device. With just a push-button the moisture meter will display the reading of the moisture content of wood or whatever the device is calibrated for.

In many cases, the device might not have been calibrated for the specific material but that is not a thing to worry about. These moisture meters come with a reference scale set. This reference scale setting allows users to make a comparison of a dry sample of a material to the sample to be measured throughout the job site.

2. A good reputation is not a thing to be compromised

As a contractor reputation is a very important asset.  It is very important to protect a good reputation. People do not want to compromise with the good reputation they have. Even a small mistake in the construction business can dent the good name of the contractor. The moisture meters are not only easy to use but they are extremely helpful to protect a professional’s reputation. With the help of moisture meters in the workplace, the professionals can make sure that the materials they are using are free of problems related to moisture during the installation process. The data gained is documented by the professionals which can be proof later to show that the decisions and choices made by the contractor regarding the installation were merely based on reliable analysis of the conditions of said materials. Read about Wood Moisture Measuring Device. 

3. To avoid callbacks from angry clients

If the moisture content of materials is not verified then the necessary and appropriate measures needed to avoid any kind of complications e.g. buckling, warming, or cupping to avoid problems related to excess moisture cannot be taken. The unchecked moisture, in the end, can cause many problems which leads to the customers being unsatisfied. In this case, the clients can demand the contractors to come back and redo the installation process. This can seriously cause a huge loss of time and money as well as reputation. In case it is found out that the problems occurring is due to the carelessness of the contractor is responsible for all the cost for the reinstallation of materials.

4. To stay on budget

Completing a project on budget is a huge part of the business. The worst thing to happen to a contractor is the project going over the budget. Without the moisture meters, a contractor might have to face many callbacks. Some callbacks can cause the budget to go nearly double the estimated budget. Hence moisture meters help the contactors to stay on budget by preventing the callbacks from angry clients.

5. To meet the standards of ASTM F-2170

It is very important for the contractors to test the concrete according to the ASTM F-2170 standards.  With the use of proper moisture meters, the contractors can have a solid idea of the moisture conditions deep within a slab. With this, the contractors can have a fairly good idea if the slab is ready for flooring or not.

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