Dehumidification in Carpet Industries 

Carpets are like treasures sometimes very valuable. The rugs in the mosque mean more than decoration for the floor. The rugs in the mosques come into intensive use during the times of prayer and hence must be maintained as clean as possible. 

The process of cleaning and drying depends on the type of fibers in the carpet. If not properly cleaned or dried the carpet can suffer great damage leaving them unusable for the next time. 

The cleaning and drying of the carpet must be done as fast as possible as the floor cannot be left bare for a long time. Sometimes the natural climatic condition may not be favorable for the drying due to high humidity. This can cause delays in the drying of the carpet. Hence it is important to install auxiliary drying devices to speed up the drying process. Our dryers with high reliability can be the right option for you to provide a real competitive advantage to you.

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The cleaning process can only be accelerated to a certain degree because proper cleaning requires an investment of time. The only process that can be accelerated extensively is the drying process. The use of technology is the decisive factor in the time taken of drying the carpet. With so much high potential to save time in drying one must choose the drying equipment very carefully. The use of our perfectly well-matched dryers will help you save loads of time while reducing the operating costs.

Proper air circulation with powerful dehumidification is the right way for quick and non-destructive drying. Trust our dehumidifier’s ability to get rid of the residual moisture in your carpet. The only way to effectively achieve good drying in the carpet is the use of powerful rotation compressors. High temperature with high humidity is a great challenge for any dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers with poor quality cannot meet the requirements to operate in such conditions. Our high-quality dehumidifiers are capable of prevailing in such conditions. 

Our dehumidifiers are known for the robustness and performance ability in the market. Our dehumidifiers rank among the best-selling dehumidifiers in the market. With various models available our dehumidifiers are suited for both intense drying well as mild drying. Some of the carpets may be sensitive to rapid drying in such cases our dehumidifiers can operate at a moderate level to protect the fabric of the carpet. We provide both stationary and mobile versions of our dehumidifiers as per the choice of the customers. 

Our fans for permanent air circulation 

Humidity is not the only thing that speeds up the drying of the carpet. These dehumidifiers work better with the collaboration of our fans. We supply radial and axial fans that ensure a good flow of the air during the drying process. You can change the range of fans with an airflow rate of 400 cubic meters per hour to 54000 cubic meters of air. These fans are appropriate for any size of the room. These fans are very low maintenance and are capable of supplying a continuous flow of air.

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