A dehumidifier is a machine which reduces moisture content in the surrounding air. Dehumidifiers work in closed areas only. The dehumidification concept is used in various industries and applications where moisture content in the air needs to be controlled and reduced to a desired level of humidity. Humidity is a major concern in most sectors of business today.

Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Hotels

One of the major issues of excess humidity is found in buildings, towers, hotels, or any other public facility for that matter.

To understand this concept in detail, we will dig deeper into how humidity can be controlled in these areas.

There is a huge number of public facilities and commercial buildings in New Zealand and the people who work in such places expect the facilities to be of a comfortable working atmosphere. By this, we mean the condition of the air they breathe and live in. If the air is moisture free then it makes it healthy and comfortable for the people around to work, study, or use any facilities that are provided.

Humidity may never be noticed on a regular basis, but great comfort and good concentration give satisfying results.

Dehumidifiers for Hotels in New Zealand:

  • Hotels are a major subject while considering buildings, tall towers, etc in Auckland, New Zealand. Hotels always need to ensure a comfortable indoor living environment.

  • The quality of air inside hotels and it’s guest’s spaces is a very essential parameter to consider as it is very important for commercial success. This parameter is often neglected though.

  • When humidity is unmanaged in hotels, it can lead to various negative impacts like:

  • The guests will feel very uncomfortable inside these facilities, and they won’t even know why they are feeling like thatAmbale ducted dehumidifiers for Hotels in New Zealand

  • The guests and staff members of the hotel are at high health risks

  • Due to excess humidity, there will be condensation accumulated on walls and furniture and other surfaces. This can be sometimes visible and also sometimes invisible damage

  • Power consumption is very high in such cases due to heating, cooling, and ventilation, which by the way will never solve the problem of excess humidity

  • Hygiene risks due to mold and fungi will be very likely

Humidity concerns in the hospitality industry like hotels are a growing concern and providing comfort for the same is very crucial.

We must understand one thing when there are humans around; humidity will be at its peak.

Hotel indoor areas have to deal with lots of people moving around constantly mostly in unpredictable and inconsistent patterns and numbers. And this is a continuous process throughout the day and throughout the year irrespective of the seasons.

People (humans) release a lot of moisture in the air. This happens due to frequent opening of doors and windows inside the hotel. Due to this, humidity is always entering the hotel space on a. Continuous basis.

How do we tackle the problem of humidity in hotels?

Hotels always look for great approval ratings. The owners of the hotels and their operations team have to give undivided attention to every single parameter when considering the user experience. And the quality of air all over the guest spaces is mostly a neglected matter.

Dehumidifiers for Hotels in New Zealand

The conventional method of using air-con units and ventilators is not the right solution, as they are focused on controlling temperature and not humidity.

Ambale provides dehumidification systems that work efficiently to maintain the desired humidity levels and this process is completely automatic. This means, that the guest ratings will be great because of the comfort and pleasure they experience inside the hotel and also the staff members of the facility work very effectively in such great air conditions.

The benefits of installing a dehumidifier in Hotels in New Zealand:

  • Air specifications are well controlled

  • User comfort is great and guests satisfaction

  • The staff works in a better environment

  • An overall improvement in work processes

  • Maintenance costs and cleaning is very low

  • The energy consumption for the cooling, heating and ventilation processes is considerable low

How can Ambale solutions help?

  • Ambale is a leading company in New Zealand for all kinds of air management solutions.

  • Ambale provides great solutions for dehumidification from Cotes, Denmark. The products are dependable and of great quality. Cotes products are:

  • Extremely stylish and attractive. They portray a modern design that can be installed in locations that are visible, in case needed.

  • These dehumidifiers are manufactured in a way where they consume less power and can also use thermal inputs from a huge range of heating, cooling or ventilation based installations.

  • The units have advanced control capabilitiesAmbale Dehumidifiers for Hotels in New Zealand

  • These products have a great return on investment

  • Exceptional reliability

Dehumidifiers suggested by Ambale for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry in New Zealand?

To suggest any dehumidifier model, a technical calculation needs to be done which helps us understand the capacity of humidity removal required for a room. This capacity is always in liters per day or kgs per day.

Ambale suggests Cotes dehumidifier as the best-suited solution for hotels and it widely depends on the weather conditions and the climate outside, the volume of the whole space, movement of the guests, and the number of people and patterns and many other factors.

The bigger rooms require a bigger capacity based dehumidifier to remove a large amount of moisture.

Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at info@ambale.co.nz to get the best Dehumidifiers for Hotels in New Zealand.

Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.