A data logger is a unit which has the capability of recoding values of a certain parameter. These values are recorded in a way where, once a tart button is clicked on the device, it starts recording the data. There is fixed sampling interval which is preprogrammed for the unit which in many cases is minimum of 5 seconds interval gap. Then after a while, the stop button on the device is clicked. Now the data logger stops the recording function. Then the data recording for this certain amount of time can be downloaded and viewed to understand if there were any deviations or discrepancies in that period.

A Humidity data logger is a unit which does a similar job of recording the parameter of humidity at different interval gaps and then the device will allow downloading of data. Through which we can analyze the humidity in a particular room or area.

Humidity is growing concern fro many applications, even people and fro materialistic things. A humidity data logger is essential for understanding that the moisture content in a room or space given is controlled and at the required levels. Humidity is measured in terms of RH which means Relative Humidity. RH is termed in a unit as a percentage sign which is “%”.

A humidity data logger keeps recording data and then when see the output which is the recording, it will display the results in terms of % in RH.

A humidity data logger is used in applications like pharmaceutical cold rooms, warehouses, vans which carry medicines, etc. Just like how important temperature is, humidity is also required to be monitored on regular basis.

Humidity data logger is very much required in data centers just like how important temperature data loggers are. Humidity data loggers will help understand that moisture content inside the server room or data center is controlled at the right levels which is approximately supposed to always be at 50% RH or 55% RH.

A Humidity data logger is extremely required in applications such as the tobacco factory. The reason here is that Tobacco factories where Tobacco is manufactured, humidity is maintained at higher levels of RH. Here in case the required level is not maintained, then the product is completely of no use. This is very essential at the stage of processing of Tobacco. So, humidity data loggers are a critical unit to be installed without fail.

Humidity data loggers are also divided into having various features like the temperature data loggers:

  1. Single use Humidity Data logger
  2. Multiple use Humidity Data logger
  3. Multichannel Humidity Data logger
  4. Bluetooth Humidity Data Logger
  5. Wired or Wireless Humidity Data logger

Humidity as a parameter is still being recognize and accepted that it is an essentials and critical point to maintain. Now a days industries and factories have to abide by regulatory bodies which are under the food and pharmaceutical authorities, which mention clearly that humidity and also temperature are to be maintained and controlled at a partial level. And failure to maintain these parameters, will lead these companies to shut down forever.

Understanding this aspect of humidity, it is required that humidity data loggers are installed in various applications.