Dehumidifiers for Greenhouse

Dehumidifiers by Ambale Co. gives you great control in the dehumidification process along with increasing the crop yield and minimizing the overall energy costs. Our dehumidifiers are known to be the best dehumidifiers in New Zealand and are available in all the major cities such as Napier, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, Dunedin, and many more. Read about Dehumidifiers for Grow Tents in New Zealand

Importance of Dehumidifiers in Greenhouse

The setup of the greenhouse is such that the presence of high moisture content in the air is always there especially in the daytime. Greenhouses are designed to increase the overall temperature of the environment artificially which increases the rate of transpiration in plants. This obviously results in a high amount of moisture content in the air. With the lower temperatures at night, the condensation rate of the moisture from the air is very high. The high rate of condensation is an ideal condition for the development of mildew and fungi which are dangerous for the crops in the greenhouse. Hence it’s a good idea to install a proper dehumidifier in the greenhouse to keep the humidity and temperature in check. Read more about Condensation Dehumidifiers and Desiccant Dehumidifiers. 

The installation of dehumidifiers helps to avoid a huge amount of condensation to prevent fungi and mildew development. The threats of pests and diseases are greatly reduced due to the regulation of temperature. The regulation of temperature and humidity also helps to achieve the best environmental condition to get the maximum yield. Check out our article on Humidity Management in Greenhouse. 

Moisture Control in Greenhouse

Without the proper moisture control, the commercial greenhouse cannot succeed economically. They have to suffer from huge financial loss without the proper environmental control in the firms. It is a great challenge for these commercial firms to maintain the water and humidity in the greenhouse unit. Ventilation is one of the ways to regulate the environmental condition of the greenhouse but unfortunately, the effectiveness of the greenhouse depends on the overall environmental condition of the outer environment. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Medical Cannabis Greenhouse in New Zealand. 

Why choose Dehumidifiers by Ambale Co.

Our dehumidifiers are the best way to keep the humidity under control irrespective of the climate outside the greenhouse. The users can easily seize control of the climate inside the greenhouse by insulating the greenhouse unit. Insulating the unit helps to gain better control in the climatic condition as well as reduce the overall energy cost. Our clients have seen a great rise in production from the units and a fall in electricity bills. The overall usage of fungicides and pesticides is also decreased with the installation of a dehumidifier. Read our article on Drying Compressed Air to Protect Plants in NZ. 

Climate control in Greenhouse

Climate control in the greenhouse is a very important aspect of the greenhouse. There are various parameters that need to be controlled to make sure the plants get the optimal condition in the greenhouse. Carbon dioxide concentration, light humidity, temperature, etc. are some of the parameters that need to be monitored and controlled in a greenhouse unit. Learn more on How to effectively control humidity levels in Greenhouses? 

There are many methods through which the temperature can be controlled in a greenhouse. But our HVAC system is the best system to control the temperature and humidity while keeping the energy consumption in check.

Importance of Greenhouse

The greenhouse is the best way to protect crops from excess heat or cold in the outer environment. It is also far easier to control pests inside a greenhouse than in an open field. Many seasonal crops can be grown throughout the year. Some of the crops mostly grown in greenhouses are tomato, potato, vegetables, and flowers. For countries that are located in higher altitudes greenhouse method is the best option to gain food security. With the help of greenhouse, agriculture is possible even during harsh climatic conditions. Countries like Almeria, Spain have benefited a lot from this technology.

For many people in New Zealand, greenhouse gardening is a major hobby. The primary aim of the greenhouse gardening is to extend the growing season of prized plants and crops. The greenhouse is also very beneficial for the fans of horticulture. The horticulture fans are able to grow plants and flowers all around the year. A greenhouse garden can be both cheap and expensive depending upon the choice of the user and the material used. The most important thing for a greenhouse garden is to choose the most suitable location. There are manufacturers who supply different kits required for the construction of greenhouse garden. Building a greenhouse garden is not a challenge at all. With simple technical knowledge and hard work, anyone can make a greenhouse garden they desire. The greenhouse gardens are also used in growing small plant fruits such as strawberries. While ordering kits for greenhouse gardens the buyer must be aware of the quality of the kits used.

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