Corrosion during the storing of military vehicles 

Vehicles are used in both commercial and military purposes. These vehicles regularly have to deal with outer climatic conditions with wide ranges. After the use of these vehicles, these vehicles need to be parked or garaged. If these vehicles if stored without getting them dry in a humid condition then it can cause many problems. the structures, fittings, and other equipment can be vulnerable to the moisture in the air and can have corrosion. In NZ, where the humidity in the air is high throughout the year can significantly reduce the availability of the equipment and its response times. It can result in higher energy consumption and an increase in operating costs. Due to the corrosion occurred in the vehicle consumers have to repair the vehicle more frequently which causes increased maintenance and service costs in New Zealand. 

Challenges of humidity in vehicle and equipment storage NZ

As we all know the vehicles both used in military and commercial sectors have to be ready to operate in tough climatic conditions and might have to run in harsh environmental conditions on a daily basis. Cleaning and drying off the vehicles before parking it every day may not be practically possible for everyone. 

The metal surfaces in the vehicles are the parts that are affected the most due to wet humid conditions. Factors such as ice-preventing salt, atmospheric pollutants act as additives to cause corrosion in the metal surfaces. It also contributes to the rusting of the metal surfaces. The metal surfaces are in more danger of rusting and corrosion when they are stored for a long period of time in a garage with unmanaged humidity levels. 

The impact of corrosion is such that it leads to downtime and lack of availability. This also contributes to escalating the maintenance costs while decreasing the service life of any equipment. Also, check out our blog on why you need Dehumidifiers for Vehicle Manufacturing facilities. 

Tackling the problem

One of the key reasons of corrosion is the difference in temperature between hot or cold materials and the surrounding air. A higher difference in temperature is the ideal condition for metal corrosion. Due to this reason mechanical and electronics equipment suffer from more adverse effects of corrosion. This can decrease its operational readiness and reliability. 

The dehumidifiers by Cotess are Desiccant Dehumidifiers that help to eliminate the corrosion problem completely and make your life easier. These dehumidifiers are designed to control the dew point at which the water vapor inside the garage or storage facility condenses. The basic law of physics also states that it is impossible for the corrosion to occur if the relative humidity in a place with 20 degrees Celsius is below 65 percent. 

Our dehumidifiers will help you to get rid of all the humidity related problems that may have been reducing the service life of your vehicles. This also helps to obtain greater equipment availability and quick response times.

What are the advantages

Ambale suggests Cotes Dehumidifiers and Fral Dehumidifiers depending on the requirement and parameters which help you gain better control of air conditions for your garage or other space where you store your vehicles. It is a cheap way to prevent corrosion and other humidity related problems in New Zealand. The overall operating costs of the vehicle are also vastly reduced. You also can see the reduction in service and maintenance costs. 

Ambale Dehumidifiers are available and are supplied all around New Zealand in cities like Auckland, Wellington, Northland, Christchurch, Hamilton, etc. 

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