About  Ambale Co.

We are your AIR MANAGEMENT company!

AMBALE is in business to seek sole expertise with regards to air management. Our experience and knowledge claims high-end solutions considering:

  • Humidity control machines based on Refrigeration and Adsorption concepts
  • Temperature and Humidity monitoring on Real time basis
  • Data logging, etc.

We put our understanding to work by securing that our customers gain utmost benefit from the solutions we provide.

Managing Temperature and Humidity in the air effectively brings about energy-saving and financial benefits on a large scale. This in turn helps in controlling conditions which may be important for future profits. We are straightforward, helpful and dedicated to all our customers and strive to our best possibility to maintain unbeatable customer experience.


At AMBALE, you can find the most satisfying product variation for air management concerns. We provide advanced technologies and product originality in all our solutions.

Our agenda at AMBALE is to help all the communities, serve kiwi families, support industrial and commercial facilities in New Zealand. We want our people to live and breathe healthy air.

We look forward to all the factories, industries, storage facilities, etc. in New Zealand to benefit by maintaining their products and resources at the highest quality possible through our air management solutions.

All our customers will benefit from:

  • High quality products and equipments
  • A wide diversification in the product range
  • Attractive Price-Performance-Ratio
  • Energy efficient machines
  • Exceptional customer support

Who needs AMBALE?

AIR is essential for anybody and everybody. Therefore, for any application be it

  • A Dehumidification solution for a private home or office space
  • A Measuring Instrument for a construction company
  • A Data Logger for a pharmaceutical warehouse
  • A food company who wants to monitor the temperature on Real Time basis will need our products and solutions.

We understand that temperature and humidity levels in New Zealand are quiet fluctuating. This can have an adverse effect at times on our health, products and materials around us.

Our exceptionally engineered products and equipments along with our technical expertise is here to benefit and serve the people of New Zealand.

We Believe That

“With the best awareness of a problem, we make the best choice in order to provide a solution. And, with the best choice of a solution, our customers benefit with the best results!”

What AMBALE claims?

We are result focused:

We aim at getting the perfect end result rather than just supplying a product. Our centre of interest is on delivering results for your business and requirements, healthy living and profitable outcomes in everything you invest.

We provide products and solutions which are of latest industry standards to ensure great output and satisfied customers.

We admit being excellent at our services:

Each and every customer is treated professionally by our team at AMBALE. We have our SOPs in place to ensure top quality service and communication with our clients,

Not to forget – We deliver on our promises!

In fact, our aim is to become New Zealand’s number one “Air Management Company” by helping and serving our people and their businesses.

AMBALE is a company built with great passion and commitment. We strive to use outstanding resources in developing great products through which we lead constantly by adapting ideas to regular changes in market demands.

Air Management Solutions

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