Moisture meter for woodworking professionals

A woodworker prides himself on the details he puts in his work. Many professional woodworkers believe that wood is an art in itself by nature. No one can disagree that the wood can make anyone feel good. It can add texture, color, and visual interest to any environment with its warm and inviting looks.

These are some of the main reasons why woodworkers love to work with wood. But there are various environmental factors that can cause the project to fail for the woodworkers. As a professional woodworker, one must be wary of such danger. Many of the failures are caused due to problems that occur due to excessive moisture present in the materials used. It happens a lot of the time due to the woodworker’s inability to understand the effects of moisture in the wood projects. This can cause frustration and waste of time and money for the people working on the project.

But the fact is monitoring moisture does not have to be a tedious job is good news. People can really understand and use moisture meters with almost no effort. They just have to do few types of research on their own to find the best tools for their work. Read more on Moisture Meters used for Building Materials. 

Ambale Co. introduces the most advanced moisture meters for professional woodworkers in New Zealand. We are very proud to announce that our moisture meters are the most versatile and technically accurate in the history of the moisture meter market. We have developed our moisture meter keeping the woodworkers like you in the mind.

Our devices come with a very wide range of designs to address every kind of necessity of a professional woodworker. Read more on Moisture Meters for Woodworkers in New Zealand. 


Our pinless models of measuring devices are the perfect solution to avoid any kind of surface damage to a testing material. There is no need of poking and making holes in the surface with the pinless model. It allows the users to avoid any stress of filling the holes and being messy with the glue. Furthermore, the pinless devices are effectively three times faster than the traditional pin-type moisture meter.  Hence it is not only a highly effective but also a time-saving product for the customers.

Great accuracy and on-demand calibration make it more appealing

One must-have feature for a moisture meter is accuracy. All the other qualities of the measuring device are obsolete if the device cannot give an accurate reading. The moisture meter by Ambale Co. is superior to its counterparts in terms of providing an accurate measurement reading. All the measuring instruments need to be checked for calibration from time to time due to rough handling of the device or environmental factors. Most of the devices in the market can indicate the need for recalibration but the recalibration cannot be done by them.  It needs to be sent back to the factory for recalibration which really is a sapping and tedious process. It is not the case with the moisture meter of Ambale Co.  The user can easily recalibrate the meter back to factory standard with few easy steps. There is no need to wait for long hours to get the meters recalibrated in the factory. With the help of an on-demand calibrator, the user can recalibrate the device in under a minute and get back to the usual business. Learn how to use a moisture meter? 

Deep measurements

One thing very important about the moisture meter by Ambale Co. is it does not measure the moisture on the wood but in the wood. It is particularly important for the measurement of wood kept in a wet place. The moisture in the surface of the wood can really skew the results for other meters in the market but our product’s superior capability to disregard the moisture on the outer surface and focus the moisture on the surface helps to gain an accurate reading of the real condition of the moisture. The user just has to wipe the water on the surface and wait for a minute to take the reading of the wood. The reading of the device in many cases is affected by the temperature too but again it does not happen with the device by our company.

A piece of advice for the users

As professional woodworkers, people tend to invest in high quality and precision in many departments of manufacturing but when it comes to getting a measuring tool many people tend to go for a cheap market price which can be horrendous to the business. Our equipment is not cheap in quality which is poorly made and cannot perform in a harsh environment. These equipment are tested in various working conditions and designed to give an accurate reading in any sort of environment.


Ambale Moisture Meter Solutions:

Ambale Moisture Meter Solutions are manufactured in Europe which are well suited for various requirements. 

Ambale Moisture Meters are available and supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Northland, Christchurch, Fiji, Hamilton, Queenstown, Tauranga, and all parts of New Zealand and Fiji. Please contact our technical team at Ambale Co. by sending us an email at or call us on +64 22 061 7007. We believe in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.