There are many industries and applications which need monitoring of different parameters on a regular basis. These parameters can be of various types. Critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc are monitored on a daily basis and data needs to be recorded.

Real-time monitoring systems record various parameters at regular intervals and upload the same data to the cloud. This data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed via a software platform from any location. These systems work on wifi, ethernet, and also radiofrequency. Systems like this are also called Remote monitoring systems. Here, when the parameters like temperature or humidity whichever is being monitored, go above or below its set levels, it generates an alert. These alerts are in different forms such as,

  1. Phone call alerts
  2. SMS alerts
  3. Email alerts
  4. Audible alarms, etc

There are various applications for real-time monitoring systems. The major applications for the same are:

Refrigerator temperature monitoring. Here vaccine storage and medicines have to be stored in refrigerators and other cold stores. Monitoring of temperature and humidity for such applications is very critical. In such cases, one need not manually monitor on-site but can have the advantage of having systems like real-time monitoring installed and can make life easier. If the temperature goes beyond the permitted levels, then it will generate an alert and send a signal as programmed. Applications like warehouses, cold stores, freezer cells, etc may also need similar solutions.

We know that data centers today are another critical application. Server rooms and data centers are continuously needed to be monitored for a different set of parameters. These parameters may vary from one data center to the other depending on how big they are. In data centers mainly parameters monitored are,

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Water Leakage
  4. Power Failure
  5. Smoke
  6. Motion, etc

Heat gets generated very soon in data centers and server rooms, also there is a risk of smoke and water leakage at times. These issues can damage the complete system. Here, in such cases, people have to be notified immediately so that action can be taken to rectify the same. Real-time monitoring systems are therefore a very important system for such applications.

Another application is a clean room that needs real-time monitoring systems.

There are many places where real-time monitoring is required but the connectivity to these systems may not be the same everywhere. So there are different kinds of remote monitoring systems that can connect and function over,

  1. Wifi based real-time monitoring system
  2. Ethernet-based remote monitoring systems
  3. Radio Frequency based real-time systems
  4. IP sensor-based monitoring systems, etc

Battery life for such systems varies from product to product and also depends on different brands. There are also systems that can connect in a manner where many transmitters talk to one receiver and record/upload data which can be accessed from anywhere. All such systems have the capability to give alerts. Some of these systems have software that is annually charged, but there are also systems that have completely free software.

These real-time monitoring systems can also monitor and upload data for parameters like CO, CO2, pressure, flow, door lock, etc. We underrated the real-time monitoring systems are a very essential part of many applications without which a lot of damage can occur. So choosing the best system is very important.

Ambale Real-time Monitoring Solutions

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