Humidity Solutions for storage facilities

Conditions are crucial for safe storage in NZ

Whenever you are storing any kind of stuff be it food or electronics or any other things, the most important thing is to store the goods in good condition storeroom. This principle applies to anything to be stored whether it is consumer items such as foods or raw materials for manufacturing products. In New Zealand, the temperature and humidity in the air are fluctuating throughout the year and the moisture levels are on the higher end mostly. Hence, Dehumidifiers are a must in storage areas.

You may read more on Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Storage, Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage, Dehumidifiers for Vehicle Storage, Dehumidifiers for Shipping, and Machinery Storage, Dehumidifiers for Egg Storage, Dehumidifiers for Boat Storage, etc. Here you can see that most of the applications need humidity control to maintain a good quality of products. 

The appearance, quality, and value are the three factors that help to keep the customer satisfied. Without maintaining these three factors business cannot be expected to grow. The world is dependent on global logistics where the path from the manufacturer to the consumer is very long. This leads to more time for the products to get damaged or spoiled. The entire value chain is so vulnerable that even a small error can cause a huge loss. That is why it is very important to establish a storage facility that is free from humidity-related risks and problems if the humidity level is not controlled properly in the storage room then a lot of things can go wrong. You may also read about Dehumidifiers for Fruits and Vegetable Storage in New Zealand,

What can go wrong?

Humidity is an invisible element in the air so the humidity issues are often ignored by the people which can be a blunder in terms of business. Different kinds of problems can arise depending upon the kind of goods stored in the storerooms. For example, a  paper and packaging storage room may have completely different challenges than an electronic storage room. The paper and packaging can become sticky due to the presence of moisture. The printing may get destroyed because of the moisture. The papers can get absolutely damaged because of the moisture. Similarly, the electronics store has to face corrosion. The complex printed circuit board can get damaged due to corrosion which is caused because of condensation. Electronics are more susceptible to humidity than the printed papers. So obviously the humidity level in electronics storage needs to be lower than the paper printing and packaging storage.  Out of these Lithium-ion batteries are the most vulnerable to humidity. These batteries need to be stored in the storeroom with less than 1 percent of humidity.  Read more on Controlling Humidity in Bulk Material Handling Areas

Solutions for storage rooms

The humidity level requirement is different for different kinds of storerooms. So the type of dehumidifiers also needs to be different. Ambale machines have a wide range of dehumidifiers to solve the humidity problem in all kinds of facilities. These dehumidifiers have a great range of performance capacity to adjust according to the requirement. These dehumidifiers will help you to keep your valuable products in safe and sound condition for a long period of time. By reducing the waste products it will not only help you to reduce loss but also increase the trust among the customers. 

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