Dehumidifier units perform to reduce the moisture levels inside an enclosed space. By analyzing the volume of the space, temperature maintained in the space, current relative humidity levels, and the desired humidity levels, the capacity can be calculated for the amount of humidity to be removed from a particular closed space area. 

Dehumidification is a crucial requirement for many applications. Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in New Zealand are a great necessity as electronic products are extremely sensitive to high moisture levels in the air. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Server Rooms/Data Centers. 

Dehumidifier for Electronic Storage in New Zealand is installed for various businesses and for private requirements too

It is very important to protect the sensitive circuitry in electronic items

To manufacture, transport, and store the electronic equipment, controlled air conditions are extremely required. This is essential as it prevents sensitive circuitry and components from getting corroded. Everything has to be exactly as intended in terms of air conditions by the time it is ready to be sold. Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in NZ is a growing market to maintain a great quality of products and customer satisfaction. 

In Electronic Storage Facilities, if the humidity levels are not controlled then few issues may be faced such as: 

  • Corrosion in circuitry and corrosion in components are sure to occur which results in malfunction 
  • Operating glitches start to occur in sensitive electronic items and also in electrical installations 
  • Electronic Products may fail due to short circuits 
  • There may be a result of brand damage and poor customer satisfaction due to the low functionality of the product 
  • Insurance costs rise up 
  • Warranty claims start to get escalated 

When Moisture levels are controlled with the help of Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in Auckland, the Product Quality is maintained resulting in the great value for the brand 


What are the Humidity Challenges in Electronic Storage in NZ?

Electric current and humidity are the worst combinations. Humidity – High levels of moisture content in the air often leads to Corrosion however minute it is. This gives rise to condensation forming over the components, electronic items, surfaces, circuits, etc. The electrical resistance for the electronic equipment increases in such conditions. Glitches occur due to such situations that start from simple performance impairment to failures which are drastically unreliable. 

If dehumidifiers for electronic storage in NZ are not installed, then condensation formed via the airborne humidity starts to condense over cold surfaces which ends up resulting in corrosion issues and electrical short circuits. 

When such electronic items are stored at the manufacturer or if reaching the end-user (consumer), such problems start to get worse with increased moisture levels. While delivering the product, if there are any functional issues, brand reputation and customer relations start to suffer enormously. Issues like escalating insurance and claim costs also exist in such situations. 


How to Get Rid of Glitches and Corrosion in Electronic Storage in New Zealand?

If the relative humidity levels in the air are above the desired limit of 60%, corrosion happens on metallic surfaces. Also as the physics law states, that it is impossible for corrosion to exist in clear air conditions with a level of around 45% relative humidity. 

Ambale Air Management Solutions has a great product for such problems and gives the best quality product. Ambale suggests Cotes Dehumidifiers from Denmark. Cotes Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in NZ are very reliable, cost-effective when the question of humidity control arises. This helps keeps away corrosion and problems related to condensation in all kinds of electronic storage facilities in New Zealand and around the world. 

If Electronic products are under proper and well-maintained air conditions, they prevent condensation from ever occurring. Corrosion is also avoided completely. This helps keep customers happy with product quality and reliability. 

By installing a Dehumidifier for Electronic Storage in New Zealand, It cuts down the claims, compensation, and complaint issues. 


How does Ambale Dehumidification Benefit the Electronic Storage Facilities in NZ?

  • The Dehumidifier in Electronic Storage in New Zealand helps maintain good air conditions for the items to be stored in so that no corrosion ever exists 
  • Damages are reduced, and claim issue and write-offs are also taken care of as the product value is maintained 
  • Corrosion is prevented and any other moisture-related damages to fittings, structures, and equipment in the storage spaces are avoided, resulting in very low maintenance costs 
  • Energy consumption is minimized to a large extent by using the Cotes heat recovery dehumidifiers modules


How Ambale Solutions Stand Out in Dehumidifiers for Electronic Storage in Auckland, NZ?

Ambale recommends the best quality machines which are from Cotes, Denmark. Cotes Dehumidifier Devices for controlling moisture levels in Electronic Storage in NZ are : 

  • They are very reliable, compact machines and also robust 
  • They have a long service life and are built for resilience 
  • The Cotes Dehumidifiers offered by Ambale are capable of reducing a large number of moisture levels in large volumes of air 
  • They have modules which can be additionally connected to the base dehumidifier units and also have advanced control systems for particular needs 
  • These machines are extremely efficient in terms of energy 

Normally, Electronic Storage in New Zealand should be maintained at approximately less than 60% Relative Humidity which makes it the desired humidity level for such facilities. Ambale recommends Cotes Dehumidifier as the best-suited solution for Electronic Storage in NZ. 

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