Aircraft hangers are one of the most unpredictable applications for humidity control. A dehumidifier is a technology invented to remove the unwanted moisture levels in the surrounding air. Dehumidifiers are machines built to solve the complete issue arising due to high levels of moisture content in the air. Dehumidification is a requirement in New Zealand as New Zealand is an extremely humid country.

Dehumidifiers for Aircraft Hangers

Dehumidifiers for Aircraft Hangers in New Zealand are an essential requirement. Aircraft, as we know, is very critical and expensive. They have to be well maintained for proper functionality and operations. Dehumidifiers for Aircraft Hangers take responsibility for maintaining the quality of the machines.

Aircraft have to be Protected during Storage and Maintenance

Aircraft are very expensive and critical machines which are a combination of complex systems and technologies. If any failure occurs in servicing or storage of such machines due to uncontrolled humidity results in significant operational damages.

Few of the issues created due to High Humidity in Aircraft hangers are:

  • Limitations in the readiness of the operation

  • The effectiveness of military planes are reduced drasticallyAmbale Humidity Control Units for Hangers

  • High maintenance costs and extremely slow turnarounds

  • Condensation forms in various areas in and around the aircraft which leads to corrosion of expensive and sensitive equipment

If the Moisture Levels are Controlled, there is great availability for Operations

Challenges in an Aircraft Storage Facility in New Zealand due to High Humidity:

Aircraft in New Zealand encounter various weather conditions continuously. They are exposed to different temperature and humidity conditions in the flight, during taxiing and whether inside the hanger facilities. The aircraft hangers in New Zealand have loads of features of various materials, cavities, and structures. Also, different plane parts are at drastically different temperatures simultaneously.

All these happening together create condensation in various areas in and around the aircraft. There is huge corrosion, maintenance costs, and downtime which results from all of this.

Ventilation solutions, heating technologies, and fans are not the solvents for this kind of problem. These methods do not tackle the issue of stemming from uncontrolled moisture and condensation. By just replacing one part of the air with another uncontrolled part of the air does not solve the problem.

How to Eliminate Humidity Problems in Aircraft Hangers in New Zealand?

The temperature variations between the outside and the inside materials and the air around it are ideal conditions for corrosion to occur on aircraft’s metal surfaces. This also largely impacts glitches in both the electronics and the mechanical parts.

The aircraft in commercial aviation, earn revenue only when they are in service. For military operations, the force’s effectiveness and the mission availability depend completely on the aircraft being serviced at the right time.

The industrial Ambale dehumidifier is a perfect solution for Aircraft HangersAdditionally, military operations mostly include increased emphasis on expeditionary multi-forced deployments. This means that maintenance works have to be done in less than proper conditions in unpredictable and extreme environments.

By having Dehumidifiers for Aircraft Hangers in New Zealand installed, the water vapor inside the hanger facilities can be controlled which results in controlling the dew point in the air. This helps in condensation not forming at all. By maintaining the relative humidity levels at 65% at a temperature level of 20 degrees Celcius, the condensation is completely avoided thus, eliminating humidity problems.

Ambale suggests Cotes Dehumidifier units which mainly aim to lower the downtime and delays from operating equations. These machines also support in considerably reducing the costs of maintenance and the duration of the work which is to be done.

Dehumidification is understood by calculating the capacity of humidity removal in a septic volume of space. This capacity is calculated in liters or kgs per hour and liters or kgs per day. The temperature conditions inside the aircraft hangers are also an essentials parameter for calculating the capacity for the dehumidifier machines to be installed.

Benefits Ambale provides in Controlling Humidity in Aircraft Hangers:

  • Helps maintain good control on-air moisture levels where the aircraft hangers are stored and worked on

  • The structures, equipment, and other fittings are prevented by corrosion or any other humidity related issue which finally results in low overall cost in operation and good aircraft availability

  • The energy consumed in such cases is very low by using the Ambale Dehumidifiers from Cotes which have the heat recovery modules

  • The service and maintenance costs are quite low

How Ambale Dehumidifiers for Aircraft Hangers in New Zealand Stand Out?

Ambale recommends dehumidifier machines from Cotes in Denmark. Cotes units have great quality machines to control humidity in aviation facilities which are:

  • Robust, reliable, and compact dehumidifier units

  • These devices are manufactured and built for harsh and tough environmentsAmbale Dehumidifiers for Aircraft Hangers in New Zealand

  • They have a long service life comparatively

  • Cotes Dehumidifiers are easy to move around and easy to reply whenever the need arises

  • They have low power consumption resulting in saving energy

Dehumidifiers for the Aviation Industry and its Storage Facilities:

Ambale dehumidification solution suggests Cotes dehumidifiers which are well suited for specific requirements depending on the size of the space and how much of airborne humidity needs to be removed from the present air.

These machines are also lightweight and compact machines from Cotes which are recommended by Ambale.

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