Best Moisture Meter for Woodworkers

Best Moisture Meter for Woodworkers in New Zealand

All the experienced woodworkers, contractors, and builders know the effect of moisture on the building material and how important is it to detect the moisture content accurately to ensure successful and problem-free results in the products. Hence it becomes absolutely important for the woodworkers who work in the field of flooring, plywood, skirting, doors, Gib, etc. to have a moisture meter that they can trust. Without the help of the right moisture meter, the work done cannot be perfect. There are thousands of moisture meters available in the market buyers may get into dilemma by the huge choices available. To address this problem we have assembled a list of moisture meter products with the help of our experts to help people find the right device for their work. Read more on How Moisture Meters Work?

Best Woodworking Moisture Meters New Zealand

Ambale Co. has one of the most selling moisture meters in the market. These devices have been used by woodworkers, manufacturers, inspectors, lumber suppliers, and flooring installers for many years to monitor the moisture content in the wood products. It is a pin-less moisture meter that measures the moisture content with the help of radiofrequency. The surface of the test material is not disturbed or harmed while using the device.  These devices are especially ideal to measure the moisture content of a finished product. It helps to avoid piercing and holes in the finished product during the measurement.


Some of the features of the device are as follows:Ambale Moisture Meters for Woodworkers in New Zealand

  • The device has a very compact design which makes them lightweight and easy to handle. 
  • The digital display of the device is very easy to read.
  • The device has a built-in battery as well as calibration checks which helps to keep the risk of erroneous readings to a minimum.
  • It contains an alarm system in which the user can set a limit of moisture content reading before it gets triggered.
  • The wood with a specific gravity ranging from 0.3 to 0.80 can be measured.

The pocket of moisture in the wood can easily be determined with the help of this meter and help them to address the problem.

With a large variety of features from the wide range of Ambale moisture meters, there is a pin-type moisture meter and one of the best of its kind. These meters are ideal for collecting data for analyzing statistical data. The device comes with the capacity of storing 1400 data with a date stamp and a clear and easy-to-read digital display. The stored data can easily be downloaded to a computer in excel to produce required documentation in the job. Read more on Wood and Building Moisture Meters in New Zealand. 

Pin based Moisture Meter for wood Working Professionals NZThe meter comes aids the user in getting precise readings by correcting for 69 different species of wood in relation to the wood temperature. The meter comes with built-in pins at its top which are capable of penetrating the wood surface up to ‘5/16’. These pins are interchangeable and if the user requires deeper penetration they can use another pin to measure the moisture content. Since the electrodes can be switched as per the requirement this model becomes an extremely versatile tool for measuring the moisture content of wood and lumber production. The device has a long battery life and is designed to last for years. The device can operate effectively between the temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. After a certain period of not using the device, the automatic shut-off function of the device comes into play to preserve battery life. The user has many packages to choose from in this meter so the user can easily choose the best package that works for them. Ambale Co. also has Moisture Meters for Building Materials. 

This is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use tools for furniture manufacturers, woodworkers, and craftsmen.  This moisture meter helps to ensure the professionals that every last one of their products is according to the high standards of the competitive market. These devices are highly accurate and help to minimize the complications caused by excess moisture. Since these are pin-type models it is better not to use them in a finished product because it may damage the surface of a finished product. It is best suited for the unfinished product. Read about Moisture Meters for Woodworking Professionals in NZ. 

Some of its features are as follows:Best Moisture Meter for Woodworkers in NZ

  • It comes with a built-in calibration check.
  • It can measure the moisture range of 6 percent to 40 percent.
  • It can penetrate up to ‘5/16’ in wood with its integrated contact pins.
  • It also contains corrections for 48 different species of wood most commonly used in New Zealand.

Our products are supplied and available in all the major parts of the country which includes  WellingtonNapier, Auckland, Queenstown, Northland, and Christchurch as well as in Fiji. Contact Ambale Co. in New Zealand by sending an email to or just call +64220617007.