Avoiding glitches and waste in glass production

It is a well-known fact that meticulous control of conditions is required during glass production. The presence of even a small amount of moisture can create a lot of problems during production. 

The first thing that can be noticed due to the presence of moisture in the development of bubbles of steam inside the glass. This can really ruin the overall quality and look of the end product. In New Zealand, there is a huge chance of the product failing in the inspection which in turn will increase the waste. The quality of the products also changes according to the season due to the change in the climatic condition throughout the year. Creating too many variations in the product quality can end the reliability of the product which is caused due to lack of control in multiple production processes. Another risk involves the increase in downtime and maintenance costs. Dehumidifiers for Glass Production is essential in New Zealand as the climate is humid throughout the year. 

There are various ways glass and lens are produced all over the world but one thing is common in every kind of method that is every method requires meticulous control of conditions. various modern technology has aided in the inspection of the glass quality which has also made the protocols tougher to get selected in multiple inspection tests. There are various flaws that the human eye may not be able to detect but with these modern technologies, even the smallest of the flaw can be detected. There is always a danger of product rejection due to minute defects in the end product which can dent the reputation of the manufacturer’s brand.

One of the defects that are commonly seen in glass production is the formation of bubbles inside the glass. This happens because of the boiling of the moisture in the glass during the heating process. Hence it is vital that the manufacturers gain meticulous control of conditions for effective and quality glass production. 

Obtaining full control

Maintaining the humidity level curtails down the elements of risk and uncertainty at every stage of manufacturing the glass products which assists you to obtain and maintain the most appropriate climatic conditions for every stage of producing laminated, tempered, and float glass. Click here to learn more about Dehumidifiers for Iron and Steel Companies and Dehumidifiers for Machinery rooms. There are various other applications for Dehumidifiers in NZ. 

The Absorption dehumidifiers by Cotes are the most reliable and cost-effective equipment to eliminate unwanted and uncontrolled airborne moisture form any glass. With the help of our dehumidifiers, our customers can maintain consistent, controlled specifications regardless of the season and outer climatic conditions. Our dehumidifiers are also used in multiple gazed units to remove unwanted moisture from certain gases that are used in the sealed gaps of the successive pane.

Ambale dehumidifiers are available with an energy recovery module that helps to minimize the consumption of energy in a production plant. These dehumidifiers have been designed to operate in the harshest of conditions with reliability. The monitoring and control systems are highly advanced providing the customers with maximum flexibility.  Installing our dehumidifiers will help you gain a better end to end control of operating conditions which will help to comply with the safety protocol.

Ambale Dehumidifiers are supplied in Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Tauranga, and all other cities in NZ. Contact us for any queries by sending an email to info@ambale.co.nz