Drying Hygroscopic Bulk Material

Keep powder and granules free from humidity

Powder and granules are generally very sensitive to humidity. Storing them in humid conditions can be a nuisance as these products can easily get damaged due to humidity. One must make special consideration for the humidity level in the air before storing them especially for a long period of time. The air must be pre-dried before storing such products as without pre-drying the material can go lumpy. We provide adsorption dryers for such a purpose which ensures you will have no problem in keeping your products and goods safe and sound. read more on Dehumidifiers for Milling Processes in NZ. 

It is absolutely necessary to ensure that the hygroscopic raw materials reach the silos in a dry condition and hence an ideal dehumidification process starts from their delivery along their journey to the silos. Pre-drying is an absolute must for the conveying air of pneumatic transport. Continuous dehumidification helps to stop belt failures and save cleaning costs. Pre-dried air also helps to keep the hygroscopic bulk dry during storage. Click the following link to read about Dehumidifiers for Paper and Printing Industries as these are hygroscopic materials. 

Our adsorption dryers for dry conveying air

We provide adsorption dryers which help us to ensure constant drying of the hygroscopic bulk on all the conveying paths. These adsorption dryers are mostly popular in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. We go through various details along with the consultation of experts to develop the most suitable dehumidification system. Our tests and trials go until everyone is sure the level of the humidity can be maintained as planned and required. We have many satisfied customers who are just impressed with the level of commitment that we put into our work.

Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers function on adsorption technique which is best suited to maintain hygroscopic materials. Ambale units are supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton, Northland, and all cities in NZ and Fiji. Contact us with your query by sending an email to info@ambale.co.nz