Dehumidifiers are units that work consistently to reduce moisture levels in the air. This is specific for a specified volume of a room. Dehumidifiers are of different types – the condensation type machine and the desiccant type machine. The condensation dehumidifiers are mostly for applications that maintain a temperature above 20 degrees Celcius and a desiccant dehumidifier is works well for lower temperature areas.

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Cold Stores and Freezers in New Zealand

Globally, dehumidifiers for Cold Stores and Freezers are being installed to maintain the quality of the product and the quality of the facilities. Dehumidifiers for Cold Stores and Freezers in New Zealand are necessary because these areas run on very cold temperatures and it is very challenging to keep such areas moisture-free.

Dehumidifiers ensure safe environments for stored goods in cold stores and freezers and also ensures staff safety.

Controlling humidity plays an essential role in maintaining the good value of items that are stored in Cold stores and Freezers in New Zealand. Dehumidification takes care of many problems that may arise in cold stores and freezers. Read more about different types of Ambale Dehumidifiers in NZ.

Some of the issues that may arise are:

  • Condensation on stored goods inside the freezer and cold store

  • Moisture formation on cold surfaces or fixtures inside the facilities

  • Ice formation may occur on ceilings, walls, other fixtures, and storage spaces inside the cold store and freezers. This can be dangerous in terms of accidents taking place inside such facilities. Hence, safety is a concernLarge Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Freezers and Cold Rooms in New Zealand

  • Damaged packaging and damaged products could be the result of a humid environment which will end up in bad customer reviews

  • The operation cost increase due to high power consumption

  • Lots of risk towards hygiene as there is too much bacterial growth in moist areas

Challenges due to Humidity in Cold Stores and Freezers in New Zealand:

Cold Stores normally operate at low-temperature ranges between 2 to 10 degrees Celsius. And, freezers operate at even lower temperature ranges of anywhere between 0 to -25 degrees Celsius. Desiccant Dehumidifier machines are apt for cold stores as they can sustain extreme low temperatures. These Desiccant dehumidifiers are further divided into Domestic Desiccant Dehumidifiers, commercial desiccant dehumidifiers, and Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers. The selection of these machines depends on the capacity of humidity removal per day. Ambale Co. has free technical assistance in New Zealand for capacity calculation.

These low-temperature conditions attract too much moisture and humidity when exposed to even slight outside ambient air conditions.

For example, there is a warehouse that maintains an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and there is a cool room inside this Warehouse. Now, if the cold room maintains a temperature Cheese and Dairy Products need Humidity Control in New Zealandbetween 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, there is always a possibility that when the door of the cold room is open, a gush of humidity rushes inside the cold room which creates a high amount of condensation inside the cold room. Read about Dehumidifiers for Cheese production. 

This can be worst for freezers. As freezes maintain extremely low temperatures, it is very easy for humidity or moisture content to persist inside such rooms. This ultimately damages the products and the structure of the cold rooms and freezers.

Uncontrolled moisture and humidity can create a lot of damage to the products as well as inventory by creating a downtrend for the company. In freezers and cold stores, moisture condenses on fixtures, cold surfaces, and equipment. Sometimes, it also spoils the stored goods which are ready to be sold to the consumers.

These kinds of products create dissatisfaction for customers and spoil the reputation of the company. Hence, dehumidifiers for cold stores and freezers are a must.

How to reduce the risk and prevent the loss of value for Cold stores and Freezers?

The best way to solve humidity issues in cold stores and freezers is by reducing the humidity levels to the desired conditions. It makes it easy to control the condensation formation inside cold stores and freezers by controlling the dew point.

Ambale suggested Cotes dehumidifiers reduce the levels of humidity in rooms by using very little power. So, these are extremely good energy-saving machines and turn out to be very profitable for the business owners in Auckland, New Zealand.

Having full control over the air conditions inside the cold store and freezer facilities allows eliminating risks on a large scale. This ultimately results in customer satisfaction and good quality products and packaging. This is a great impact on the company under standard compliance procedures are taking care of.

When humidity levels are maintained well for applications such as cold stores and freezers, the building and the structures are benefited as corrosion does not take place on equipment and other surfaces inside the facilities. This also helps in avoiding any condensation to occur on electronic & electrical equipment installed inside the cold stores and freezers.

Dehumidifiers be it the desiccant type or the condensation type are used in food factories and manufacturing facilities.

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Benefits of having a Dehumidifier for Cold Stores and Freezers in Auckland, New Zealand:

  • Better air conditions are maintained all over the cold stores and freezers

  • Product value is maintained and customer satisfaction is improved by reducing product write-offs and damages

  • Better control of hygiene exists in such conditions by avoiding the risks of condensationAmbale Desiccant Dehumidifier for Cold Stores and Freezers in NZ

  • Energy consumption is minimized by using Cotes heat recovery dehumidifiers models

  • Humidity related damage to the structure is extremely less and corrosion is also prevented. This lowers the maintenance cost for the building

How Ambale solution stands out?

  • Ambale recommends Cotes dehumidifiers from Denmark for humidity control machines. Cotes dehumidifiers for cold rooms and freezers are the best solution as Cotes have units that can perform at extremely low-temperature ranges unto -25 degrees Celcius.

  • Reliable, robust, and compact dehumidifiers for cold stores and freezers

  • These dehumidifiers have a long life and are built and manufactured for tough conditions

  • These machines can reduce moisture for extremely large room sizes

  • Low power consuming dehumidifiers

Ambale suggested Dehumidifiers for Cold Stores and Freezers in New Zealand:

The dehumidifier models recommended by Ambale for cold stores and freezer facilities are from Cotes, Denmark.

Ambale’s global experience in humidity control machines indicates the above models to be exceptionally versatile in solving the problems of excessive moisture for such applications.

Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at or call on +64 22 061 7007 to get the best Dehumidifiers for Cold Stores and Freezers in New Zealand.

Ambale believes in providing perfect solutions with great quality and service.