Wood and building moisture measuring device

Measurement of wood and building moisture is a very important process. The level of moisture in the wood helps to determine the expansion or shrinkage of the wood. Seasonal change is a very small factor in relation to the moisture content in determining the shrinkage in wood. The performance of wood and building material greatly depends on the numeric information from the moisture meters. Read more on different types of Moisture Meters in New Zealand

Ambale Wood and Building Moisture Device

BM22 Moisture measuring device

The BM22 moisture measuring device from Ambale for woods and the building is the future of moisture measurement. The seasonal changes bring the climatic fluctuation to affect the moisture content in the wood and building materials. Hence it becomes very necessary to keep track of the moisture content in the wood and building for optimum long-term health.

With the help of BM22, the user can benefit from the quick measurement of wood and building moisture. These devices come with insertion pins made of exchangeable pins that ensure a solid connection of the device to the surface to be measured. BM22 is known for reliable measuring results of moisture content of sawn timber and firewood material. They are also very handy for the moisture measurement of soft building materials such as gypsum, plaster, or screed.

The reading from the device is simplified with the help of bar scale and additional direct moisture value display in percentages. The wood and building materials have different scale ranges to bring accuracy in measurement. The traffic light principle is used to show the level of humidity by three integrated LEDs in the device.

A calibration curve is installed in the device for wood moisture measurement in correspondence to the Europe-based wood at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. It helps the user to get instant indication without the need to have any more settings. Read more on Wood Moisture Measuring Device

The device also contains a reference adapter that helps to monitor the battery status and other functions of the device. It also has an integrated LED torch for easy use even in dark locations and times.

Some of the practical benefits of the product are:

  • Useful for measuring moisture content for both wood and soft building material.
  • Separate scale for wood moisture and material moisture
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with an LED moisture indicator
  • Steel insertion pin
  • Integrated LED torch
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Protective cap with integrated testing function included

Wood Moisture Measurement

Eliminating moisture: The handheld measuring devices provided by our company provides the most trustable data to locate the affected spots by moisture. Moisture in the wood material leads to dangerous consequences to the building structure. Such a building structure can impose a great risk to the life and property of the people who regularly spend their time in such an environment. Moist wood is prone to shrinkage as well as mold and mildew. Moisture in the building material makes the structure porous and many times plaster can come off in flakes. With the help of the moisture measuring device from Ambale Co., you can effectively determine the level of humidity in most of the building material. Not only these devices sense the presence of moisture in the material but they can determine the level of moisture with great precision unmatched by any other devices available in the market. It has great practical use for the user. This helps the user to determine if the firewood is dry enough to be used or the timber is ready for further processing in the wood processing companies. With such a wide range of measuring devices, we provide our customers with measuring devices for almost all kinds of applications. Read more about Quick wood and Building Moisture Meters

If the users are looking to get simple moisture measurements then the most appropriate type of device is the robust, handy resistance meters. These measuring meters come with two electrodes which can be inserted into the surface of the building material or the wood to be processed. By looking at the conduction of the current in the surface of the material the device calculates the percentage of the moisture in the surface. With our device taking measurements of the moisture in subject materials like gypsum, plaster or wood is almost like a child’s play. Now you can bid farewell to all kinds of problems with moisture measurement with the best device in the market in your hand.

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