The Importance of Moisture Meter in Building Inspection

The knowledge of the construction industry in home inspectors may vary from person to person. The credentials and licensing differ from country to country and state to state. It is necessary to have the full knowledge of recommended tools, supplies, standard practice, and moisture meter as well as other standard practice for the home inspectors to have the credentials and license according to the place he is working in.  The detail and the knowledge of certification cannot be covered in just an article but we understand that a moisture meter is a must for building inspection without a doubt. Read more on Moisture Meters for Building Inspectors in New Zealand. 

Importance of moisture meter for a home inspector

As a home inspector and woodwork craftsman professionals may have to monitor the moisture content in various parts of a house such as doors, dry walls, skirting, door, joinery, architrave, plywood, Gib, window reveal, etc. A home inspector has to be pretty aware of the problems that can be created due to the nuisance of moisture presence. The moisture-related problems can seem very minor but it can cause a need for expensive repairs in the long run. A moisture meter is there to help the professionals to get an accurate way of monitoring the moisture content on a surface.

A home inspector needs to check various parts of the house before preparing it for a sale. The last thing the owner wants is the inspector penetrating the walls for the measurement of moisture in the wall. The moisture content measurement does not necessarily need to be intrusive in nature. There does not always a need for the destruction of the surface in the measurement process. There are many models by Ambale Co. which are search mode moisture meter. These types of moisture meters can help the home inspectors obtain accurate moisture readings without creating any disturbance in the surface of the materials to be tested. Read More on Moisture meters for woodworking professionals in NZ. 

Our moisture meters have been trusted by professionals for many years and we have been successful in creating top-of-the-line moisture measurement equipment.

Ambale Co. supplies the best line of moisture meters

Our pinless moisture meters are based on electromagnetic waves to determine the moisture content of a surface. These moisture meters are non –invasive in nature and are a perfect suit for home inspectors. These moisture meters are perfect for those users who require comparative moisture content for a wide range of usual building materials. The readings provided by these moisture meters are greatly helpful in identifying the problem areas in the house. These devices are extremely easy to use and the features in the devices are designed in such a way that it provides accurate data for a long period of time.

Health and safety of the home inspector

The job of a home inspector is not completely risk-free. The home to be inspected may have various hazards such as gas leaks or electrical problems. Hence it is imperative that a home inspector take some precautions before inspecting a home. Taking precautions can substantially decrease health risks and injuries to the inspector. There are certain gears that a home inspector should use before starting their work. Read more on Moisture meters for Contractors in NZ. 

Respirator or dust mask

While entering a home the inspector should be equipped with a dust mask or respirator to protect them from harmful gas and particles in the air. It prevents the inspector from inhaling dust and hazardous air. Between dust masks and respirators it is better to have respirators as dust masks are not capable of providing protection from hazardous particles effectively as respirators. Some people feel uncomfortable using half-face and full-face models of respirators one has to understand that these are absolutely necessary.

Safety glasses and work gloves

Safety glasses are very important to protect the eye of the inspectors from various things. The safety gloves also help the inspectors to be safe from electrical wires. The electrical gloves generally have liner gloves which are put under insulating gloves with leather gloves worn on top.

Coveralls, construction gloves, and high traction boots

While going to the job site a home inspector is potentially at the risk of coming across various types of toxic fluids. The coveralls and construction gloves help the inspectors to protect themselves from such hazards. The floor on which an inspector may have to work can also be very slippery.  In such a case, traction boots help the inspector to help them from slipping. It is advisable to have traction boots that have replaceable soles for a better practical approach. Following simple safety measures can help prevent many major accidents in the end.

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