Material moisture measuring device

Material moisture measuring devices are irreplaceable and important equipment that aids in determining the moisture level in buildings, timber, etc. With the use of the proper device, the measurement of the material moisture is quick and easy. With our wide range of different instrument models, we enable our clients for non-destructive measurement of virtually any surfaces.

Ambale Moisture Meter for Material Moisture NZ

T660 Material Moisture measuring device

Our company Ambale presents a model T660 material moisture measuring device which is designed to fit in hand and is useful for those looking for a professional measuring device. These models are perfect to calculate the distribution of moisture in near-surface areas to approximately 4cm.

The users can directly observe the measurement in mass% or CM% on the color display of the device with the help of T660’s integrated material pre-selection anhydrite and cementitious screed.

The condition of the covering for the floor can instantly be determined with the conversion of measured values.

Furthermore, this model is also compatible with the non-destructive wood-moisture measurements as per the dielectric measurement method (indicative). Read more on Wood Moisture meters in NZ. 

Superb large-digit display

The display glass of the model T660 is designed with a high-contrast presentation which enables the user to read the reading clearly even in the bright sunlight. This helps to gain quicker and accurate detection of the moisture in various surfaces such as floor areas and walls. Along with high contrast, the device also displays real-time measurement in large digits for the convenience of the user.

Integrated alarm function

Another handy feature available in the device is the integrated alarm function in the device. This alarm function helps the user to set an individual limit value in the setting. Whenever the reading of the device exceeds the individual limit the alarm function will come into action automatically with a warning signal to the user. This feature comes in very handy in saving time.

This feature especially helps to save time during the measurement of large walls and floors. The focus can be solely put on the object without the requirement to check the measurement result constantly. This feature also minimizes human error to a great deal.

A perfect device for combined building diagnostics measurements for the measurement of the moisture level of the surface

With a combination of reading of sub-surface moisture from T610 and near-surface moisture from T660 one can distinguish complex relations, narrow down and classify e.g. hygroscopic humidity presence which is due to the salinization or leaking. While T660 is capable of reading the surface up to 4 cm T610 is capable of measuring moisture values up to 30 cm deep.

With the help of near-surface and sub-surface moisture values, many important results can be detected regarding a multi-dimensional moisture distribution. An active USB device can be connected to the devices for convenient assistance function for creating and visualizing grid measurement. Read more about Building material moisture meter. 

Some of the practical benefits of the device

  • Moisture alarm function
  • Options for grid measurement through USB with active software connection
  • Measured value displays directly in CM % or mass %.
  • High-resolution color display
  • Capacitive touchscreen control panel
  • Designed and manufactured with the highest quality of german technology.
  • Robust design

Multi measure Studio Professional

Most of the measuring devices come with a specific software nowadays. The effectiveness of the device is also largely affected by the kind of software it comes. It is very hard to find a measuring device with a comprehensive and effective synchronization to the user’s practical needs. To be very true real work actually starts with the measurement work completed.

That is why we use MultiMeasure Studio Professional software which supports you in every step of your work. This software is optimally programmed to the required processes of the user and is capable of operating with almost any kind of measuring device. This gives a great advantage to the user for practical use. 

We provide their specialists with every version of the MultiMeasure Studio Professional. The first one is a brilliant data analyst who readily provides the user with a read-out and graphic evaluation of the measured data. It also acts as a versatile project manager that helps to administer the obtained data in a flexible way. The last but one of the amazing part is it is like a gifted writer which produces professional measuring reports. 

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