A home dehumidifier is a unit which is of a domestic type. It is a device which works efficiently to reduce humidity levels inside the house and brings it down to the desired conditions. A home Dehumidifier is a small machine which has great functionalities. These are mostly stylish and good looking devices as they are used for homes and offices. They are available in various shapes and colors. A home dehumidifier is the simplest machine under dehumidification devices. The most recommended type would be the domestic condensation type dehumidifier.

A home dehumidifier has a capacity range anywhere between 8 liters per day to 50 liters per day. This depends on the dimensions of the room. To understand the best home dehumidifier and to select a suitable model, the capacity calculation has to be done.
Parameters required to do the capacity calculation are:

  1. Dimensions of the room (Length x Width x Height)
  2. Temperature inside the room (Degree Celsius)
  3. Current Humidity Level in the room (%RH)
  4. Desired Humidity Level in the room (%RH)

With these above details you will exactly know which model to select. One point to remember: When the temperature is high, the capacity is also correspondingly high.

Home Dehumidifiers are mostly portable machines. These can be easily moved from one room to the other. They weigh very less in weight. They have the feature of a tank inside the machine and also have an automatic drainage facility as an option to discard the water.

Why do you need a Home Dehumidifier?

You may be facing humidity issues in your home and office, but you may not realize it. You will know of the damage once you start finding;

  1. Formation of Moulds on the walls and in every corner of the house
  2. Shoes and Leather Items having fungus grown on them
  3. Few clothes getting damaged with some kind of white powder on it, especially the velvet clothes
  4. Condensation on glass doors and glass windows
  5. Mould formed on furniture, some music instruments in the house
  6. If humidity level rises above 65% RH, it is not healthy for human beings. People end up suffering from Asthma, Wheezing, etc.

These are few adverse effects of high humidity levels in homes and offices.Humidity in easy words is the content of moisture present in the air. Thus, “high humidity” means that the moisture content in the air is high. This high humidity can be reduces only by using a home dehumidifier for your home and office to have a healthy living. Dehumidifiers are the only solution to home humidity controlling. The same machines can also be used for villas, apartments, houses, etc.

The most commonly used dehumidifier for homes is of a 20 liters per day capacity of humidity removal. This capacity takes care of room sizes which rooms in homes have. Sometimes if the room size is big, you may need a 30 or a 40 liter per day dehumidifier.

Features of a Home Dehumidifier:

  • Complete Protection
  • Inherits a distinctive function of drying clothes
  • Timer Function
  • Overflow Protection
  • Water Level Indication
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Washable Air Filters
  • Tank and Drain Hose Connection Facility
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Digital Humidity Reading Display

These are all few distinctive features of a home dehumidifier. These are also largely used in offices and are also called as the office dehumidifiers.

Home dehumidifier is designed to work in a silent mode. As these machines are kept in bedrooms and home atmospheres, they cannot be too noisy. Their sound levels are mostly much with in 40 to 45 dB. Normally, a 20 liter capacity unit will have a sound level of 43dB. This range of sound level is less than the noise of a table fan. We know that these machines have a water tank facility. Once the tank is full with water, the dehumidifier unit will switch off automatically. Also the digital display on the unit will give out a warning light and the unit gets into the sleep mode. So, there will not be any water splitting out of the machine at any time. This is an excellent feature of a home dehumidifier.

Every home and office needs a home dehumidifier to control the humidity levels. This will help in healthy living for people and also things like the furniture, walls, clothes, etc.