Dehumidifiers for Fertilizer Storage Facilities

Most of the fertilizers are naturally hygroscopic in nature which means they tend to absorb moisture from the air. It is because of this high humidity level is enemy number one for the fertilizers. Sure instincts and intuition are the two basic things that are required in the production of hygroscopic materials in the chemical industry. These substances tend to attract moisture more than any other materials as if they love water and readily show affinity towards moisture. It is why moisture can have a disastrous effect on these substances. They can easily get damaged and create an economic fiasco for the stakeholders. The water binds the material which makes them lumpy and sticky leaving them unusable in worst-case scenarios. If the humidity level of the air in the storage room of fertilizer is too high then it is obvious that the fertilizer becomes clumpy. Hence it is very necessary to maintain the right climatic condition, especially for the fertilizer storage room. Installing dehumidifiers is the best option that will absorb the moisture from the air and make the air dry. We are one of the leading companies in supplying dehumidifiers and other services related to it. 

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During the packaging and storage of fertilizers, the importance of maintaining constant climate conditions in the area cannot be ignored. Without a constant climatic condition, the manufacturer cannot ensure the high quality of its products. Maintaining the humidity to a certain level is of utmost importance. The humidity level must be at such a level that the moisture in the fertilizers and the air must remain at equilibrium. This way there will be no exchange of water particles between the air and the fertilizers. This will help to guarantee that the fertilizer does not absorb extra moisture from the air and result in ruining the entire stock. Even a slight mistake can result in the fertilizer absorbing a lot of moisture causing clumping and sticking. For safety reasons, the rooms of the fertilizer storage room should remain closed all the time. The containers used to store the fertilizers should also have a special coating and the storage room must be established away from wastewater and groundwater sources. Not only this there are other technical standards and procedures that need to be followed. Using a high-quality dehumidifier will help to reduce the loss and protect the fertilizers in a reliable manner. Our dehumidifiers are the perfect product for such purpose. 

Assurance of Quality

It can be quite an irritating thing to see the fertilizers getting clumpy and sticky not only from a visual point of view but also from the economic view. The quality of the substance can significantly decline with the absorption of the moisture. The nutrient properties in the fertilizers can get lost and the safe storage time period significantly declines. When such sticky materials are input in a machine the machine also gets affected and can face various system failures. It also encourages the growth of molds and other micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. The company not only takes an economic hit but also an image hit. 

Ambale provides Professional Technology for Suitable Dehumidification

In case you are wondering what can be the solution for such problems; no need to wonder the answer is plain and simple. Ambale Desiccant Dehumidifiers are the perfect solution for your humidity problems. These dehumidifiers are built with great technology that can perform as per your desire. It will help to keep the air dry and protect the fertilizers from getting sticky and clumpy. It will eliminate any kind of mold and fungi development in the fertilizer storage rooms. 

Ambale dehumidification solution suggests Cotes dehumidifiers which are well suited for specific requirements depending on the size of the space and how much of airborne humidity needs to be removed from the present air. These machines are also lightweight and compact machines from Cotes which are recommended by Ambale. Please contact our technical team at Ambale by sending us an email at

Ambale dehumidifiers are supplied in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Fiji, Suva, Queenstown, and all cities of New Zealand and Fiji.