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Dehumidifiers for Baking & Storing of Cakes

Baking a perfect cake is a form of art. It requires preciseness and great knowledge of baking to make a perfect cake. But all the things do not depend on the maker as there are other external factors that can have an impact on the quality of the cake. High humidity is almost like a nightmare for cake baking. Most of the cake-making industries start from humble beginnings which are started in the small kitchen of the house. These small industries later expand to manufacture cakes commercially once the demand for their products gets high. One must understand that baking cake commercially is very different from baking it in a personal kitchen. The things that worked in the personal kitchen do not necessarily have to work in the commercial plants. Storing the cake in a small freeze of the kitchen is totally different from storing cakes commercially in large commercial refrigeration. First of all the humidity level in these refrigeration systems is far greater than a normal home refrigeration system. So one must be aware of the humidity otherwise all the hard work can go to waste in a matter of short period. One of the most effective option to get rid of the humidity is to install a dehumidification system of proper quality Ambale Co. is an air management company based in New Zealand which is known to supply high standard solutions for air-related problems. Our services are available in various cities of New Zealand and Fiji. Some of the major cities include Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Napier, Tauranga, Auckland, Queenstown, and many more. Read more Dehumidifiers for Bakeries in New Zealand

Installing dehumidification filter

Creating an atmosphere cold enough to preserve food is the basic function of refrigerators and freezers. For this, they remove warm air and moisture from the ambient environment. This is the very first reason why commercial refrigeration units have high humidity. whenever the door is opened and closed the warm and moist air from the external environment rushes inside the unit which creates unnecessary moisture in the system. Another reason for high moisture content is the storage of fruits with high moisture in them. The moisture from these fruits is absorbed by air contributing to high humidity in the air. It is almost impossible to have manual control of humidity in commercial refrigeration systems, unlike residential refrigeration units.

One of the viable and practical methods of controlling humidity is the installation of dehumidification filters and panels. These are the most effective way of absorbing moisture from the air to reduce humidity levels inside the appliances. The filters are also helpful in other ways. For instance, they help to eliminate odors and protect your cakes. They help to increase the shelf life of food while contributing to decreasing the energy usage in the refrigeration system. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Confectionery and Chocolate manufacturing. 

The ideal place to install a dehumidifier filter is the ceiling of the freezer or refrigerator and panels is generally installed in the walls. These panels and filters must be cleaned and replaced after a certain period of time. The time period may vary according to the brands but every few months is the ideal time period. It is also best to have maintenance every four to eight weeks for better results. So the user must keep these expenses in mind while installing dehumidification filters and panels.

Getting a dehumidification machine can make your task so much easier as this equipment comes with many adjustable settings. While the panels don’t give the user the freedom of choosing the humidity level the dehumidifiers help the user to set the humidity according to his or her need. One of the drawbacks of using the dehumidifier in comparison to the panel or filter is the consumption of energy increases after installing a dehumidifier. Controlling humidity in the Confectionery industry is also very essential. 

Resizing the evaporator coil

To reduce the humidity level in the refrigeration system the user can also resize the evaporator coil. One of the major functions of the evaporator coil is to transfer the heat out from the air. The evaporator coil is also responsible for controlling humidity by condensing the moisture and draining the water away. But sometimes high humidity is caused because the air may get cooled too quickly by the evaporator. Cooling the air too fast causes the machinery to run for a very small amount of time which kills the purpose of eliminating extra moisture for a long period of time. It can be a very good idea for a professional to have a look at the size of the evaporator coil. The professional can then determine the ideal size of the evaporator and help to maintain the right humidity level in the refrigeration unit. Read more on Condensation type Dehumidifiers. 

Run the fan

Humidity can also be eliminated by running the fans when the compressor isn’t actively cooling the refrigeration unit. By circulating the air the fans help to draw out the moisture from the air. It is more important for the refrigeration unit which does not have a fan in the cooling unit to install one.

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