Dehumidification is a process of bringing down the relative humidity levels to the desired point which best suits the requirement. Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage in New Zealand is very crucial as it involves food-based products and these products are perishable. Product Drying and Storage is a very sensitive process where air conditions of these facilities and warehouses have to be maintained according to what food or product is being stored. Installing dehumidifiers in such facilities helps sustain the good quality of the product. Read more about Dehumidifiers for Milling Processes in NZ. 

Dehumidifiers for Product Drying Facilities in New Zealand

Why do you need Ideal Conditions for Drying Processes?

The products have to be dried before they are stored in most of the food-based and beverage production setups. During this process, if the food products are not dried properly, there are chances of damage which may occur and the companies may have to deal with:

  • Most aspects of operations will have inconsistent conditions

  • Equipment and structures start to have condensation and corrosionAmbale Dehumidifiers for Large Rooms for Product Drying in NZ

  • Mold growth and bacterial growth start to form

  • There is a lot of damage to labels, packaging, barcodes, etc.

  • Wastage and spoiling of products attars to happen which results in low-profit margins

  • Due to high power consumption, the operating costs of the facility go very high

Better Drying and Storage Conditions are ensured if Humidity is Controlled

Humidity Challenges faced by Drying and Storage Product Facilities in New Zealand:

Problems like the temperature variation between the inside and outside of the product drying and storage facility are very harmful. Here, the outside ambient temperature comes in contact with the controlled temperatures inside the drying and storage facilities in Auckland, New Zealand, and gives results to practical difficulties such as glitches in logistics, customer complaints, and dissatisfaction. All this happens due to the damaged packaging and labeling of products. Learn more on Dehumidifiers for Fruits and Vegetable Storage in New Zealand,

Outside air consists of airborne moisture content. The various combinations of humidity and dew point give results to moisture condensation forming on equipment, storage surfaces, and structures. This moisture also condenses on building surfaces, ceilings, fittings, etc. This ultimately creates corrosion in structures and equipment. This affects control over the conditions of the air inside the entire facility.

Even a little condensation hear and there can lead to large destruction of goods and products. This leads to the growth of bacteria and the formation of molds. The worst-hit is when steam cleaning takes place in such facilities. This is when extra moisture content starts to settle over the entire drying and storage area. This can damage a huge amount of products which finally leads to a loss for the companies in New Zealand.

Ventilation and Heating are never the solutions for such condensation and moisture formations. Heating and Ventilation cannot create a humid free or a moisture-free environment. This is because they don’t have any effect over the dew point. So, moisture will always remain and the problem will also remain.

How to Get Rid of Humidity Problems in Product Drying and Storage Facilities in New Zealand?

Ambale has the solution to get rid of the humidity challenges faced by Product drying and Storage facilities in Auckland, New Zealand. The best systems are the Cotes Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage which allow the air conditions to be in control all the time. The air conditions are well controlled throughout the area from manufacturing to processing. The Storage areas are also well controlled in terms of air conditions with the help of Cotes Dehumidifiers for Product drying and Storage Facilities.

Ambale Dehumidifiers for Food Industries such as Product DryingThe best part of the solution provided by Ambale is that the key problem is eradicated, the most commonly found moisture content which is almost everywhere, especially with the seasonal changes in weather conditions.

Eliminating such a grave problem is impossible without a dehumidifier. And, Cotes is the best unit that can be installed for such applications. By installing Cotes dehumidifiers in such facilities, there are enormous improvements in statistics for packaging, labeling, great customer satisfaction, and huge savings for the company.

Benefits of Ambale’s Solution:

  • Consistent air conditions are maintained to store all products at their highest quality

  • Products are better managed during the process of drying and storing

  • End to end control over the product is extremely satisfiable

  • No Condensation or Corrosion Issues occur

  • No Damage or Destruction of labels, barcodes or packaging, etc.

  • Profit margins for the companies are way higher

  • Wastage of products and spoilage of products are drastically lowered

  • The power consumed by the Cotes dehumidifier is low. This results in energy saving and leads to companies profits

How does Ambale solution stand out in New Zealand?

  • The dehumidifiers are robust, reliable and very compact

  • These units exist with advanced precision control systems

  • Great hygiene practice is visible which leads to satisfactory compliance standardsAmbale Industrial Dehumidifier for Product Drying

  • Low power consumption costs, leading to energy saving

Ambale suggested Dehumidifiers for Product Drying and Storage in Auckland, New Zealand:

Ambale recommends Cotes dehumidifiers for product drying and storage facilities which act superior models for the application. Cotes machines have been installed worldwide for such requirements and are giving great results.

There are a few parameters that are required to understand the capacity of humidity removal. The parameters like room size, The doors and windows in the room which needs to be dehumidified. Also, the temperature levels maintained inside the room are some of the important information needed to conduct capacity calculations.

The climate and seasonal weather conditions have to be considered most of the time as this has the worst effect on the side air conditions of the product drying and storage facilities.

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