Dehumidifiers for the Confectionery Industry

Confectionary items are one of the most popular food items in New Zealand. Confectionery items such as gum, sugar confectionery, chocolate are popular in all the demography of the population. Apart from the Covid-19 period, the confectionery industry in the world is growing year by year. With the growth in the market, there is also steep growth in competition among the manufacturers. Whether it is a small-sized home-based confectionery industry or large-sized industry humidity is a great challenge in the field. The main ingredient sugar in confectionery is hygroscopic in nature and readily absorbs moisture from the environment. Hence moisture causes a variety of problems in production if it is not properly maintained. The high content of sugar in the confectionery items absorbs moisture from the air causing it to become sticky. It also causes the item to be prone to mold. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Bakeries in New Zealand

The dehumidifiers by Ambale Co. are the best solutions for confectionery industries to ensure efficient and consistent humidity control. Our dehumidifiers ensure the best operating and storage condition all year-round. We provide our services in all the major cities of Fiji and New Zealand such as Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin, Tauranga, wellington, etc. The best way to protect the confectionery items from moisture is to install a proper dehumidifier. In fact, dehumidifiers should be an integral part of the confectionery manufacturing process.  Products such as biscuits, chocolate, chewing gums, sweets, candies, sugar, cocoa, tablets or drops with a sugar coating, cookies, popcorn, jellied items, etc. all need dehumidification to maintain quality and increase shelf life. Read more on Dehumidifiers for Confectionery and Chocolate manufacturing. 

Various applications in the confectionery industries require dehumidification. Dehumidification is required during storage, transportation, unloading into silos, packaging, coating, etc. Dehumidification is required during the manufacturing process as well as during other steps of delivering it to the customers. There can be very bad consequences even if the humidity is not maintained in one of the steps. So appropriate humidity must be maintained during the candy coating process, packaging of confectionery items, transportation, unloading and storage of the products, candy coating process, and drying and cooling tunnel operation.

What can really go wrong if humidity is not kept under control?

First of all high humidity can cause the confectionery items to lose their quality and shelf life. In many cases, they even lose their desired shape when they come in contact with humid air during the production process.  They tend to get sticky and moldy due to the moisture in the air. The machines and pipes get clogged and a significant amount of time can be lost in production due to high humidity. It is both time and cost-intensive and must be avoided by the manufacturer. Read more about controlling excess moisture while baking cakes and storing them. 

What can be done?

As already mentioned before, the best way to protect the quality of the product is to create an ideal environmental condition with appropriate humidity in the air. The raw materials should be stored in dry air as well as production, storage, and transportation should be done under controlled environmental conditions. Only continuous monitoring and regulation of the air humidity during all the production processes, from raw material to end product can ensure the quality of the product.

Our dehumidifiers are designed to operate efficiently at every season of the year. We provide our customers with customized dehumidification solutions for all the area of production. Whether it is for the storage of raw material or the end product, silo or production facility, warehouse, or transport we have it all covered. These dehumidifiers help the user to gain a high degree of control over humidity and temperature. These dehumidifiers help to obtain precise coordination with the product and situation. You will be amazed at the quality of the product and the long shelf life of your products. The users can save a considerable amount of downtime and cost.

Why choose Ambale Dehumidifiers?

One short answer for choosing our dehumidifiers is to gain effective humidity control. There are various advantages of gaining effective humidity control with the use of our dehumidifiers. Cost-effectiveness is another great advantage with our dehumidifiers. All our dehumidifiers are designed to be energy efficient which in turn makes it cost-efficient. It helps to gain maximum food safety. With the help of our dehumidifiers consistent high-quality product is guaranteed all year round irrespective of the season. It has been found that the productivity of the production plant also increases significantly with our dehumidifiers. The waste products in the plant also experience a dip as raw materials gain a better environment to be stored.

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