Microscope for Biochemistry students in higher education

Microscope for Biochemistry Students

A microscope is a very important piece of equipment in the study of biochemistry. The study of Biochemistry involves the study of cells, molecular reaction, micro-organisms all of which require a microscope to study. The microscope helps the students to understand the basic functioning of life on a cellular level. Many discoveries have been made in the field of biochemistry with the help of microscopes. This equipment will continue to pave way for the students of higher education. Such is the importance of the microscope in the field that the field of biochemistry would not have reached this point without the invention of the microscope. Microscopes help the students to study various types of crystalline structures, molecular structures, cells, and microscopic organisms. They are considered to be one of the most important diagnostic tools in the field of biochemistry. Without the use of a microscope, the study of different chemical processes happening in a living organism’s physical body cannot be understood. Read more on Microscopes for Educational Purposes in NZ

Ambale Co. has an amazing line of microscopes for students for all kinds of study purposes. Our classroom microscope helps the students to view cell structure and organisms up close. We have digital microscopes for the students to enhance their overall experience with the microscope. Whether you are looking for a digital microscope or a traditional microscope we are here to help you with your need. You can check our microscope buying guide for further information on features and descriptions.

Our products are very high in demand among the students of biochemistry. Our products are demanded by many reputed educational institutions in New Zealand. We have been supplying our products in all the major cities of the country such as Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, Napier, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin, and many more. Read more on Microscopes in general.

At Ambale Co. we believe that only the best equipment for the students can ensure the best science education for the students. Without providing quality materials and reliable equipment to assist the student’s high-quality education cannot be achieved. We believe in never compromising on the quality of instruments we provide for the students. Our dedicated technical support and optimum quality of equipment make us the best supplier of digital and traditional microscopes in the market. Our various brands of microscope provide the students with the necessary tools to succeed in biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, and many other potential fields in science. Even the smallest details are very important in the study of science and getting such small details accurate can only be done with the help of high-quality microscopes. We also provide parts and accessories of microscope along with a wide variety of microscope. We also provide the educational institutions prepared slides and live organisms if necessary.

Our team of experts is dedicated to staying up to date so that the students can have access to the best science education possible with the help of the best microscope for study purposes. Our latest digital microscopes are highly compatible with laptops, tablets, etc. and hence they are considered perfect for classroom study. With such features, the students can easily make videos or create images on the subject matter of their study. For providing visual insight to the students we also supply the best kind of prepared slides.

Some of our few models popular among the students are as follows:

Bioblue. Lab

This model of a microscope is designed to meet the highest expectation of the user. The model is highly user-friendly and is designed especially for educational purposes. It comes with binocular and trinocular models. It also has a finite and infinitely corrected optical system. It contains NeoLED lighting. They come with WF10x/20 mm eyepieces.  The reversed revolver for 4 objectives makes it one of the most versatile models of microscope available in the market.

B and B+ series

They come in monocular, binocular, and trinocular models. The ergonomic design of the microscopic makes it highly attractive. It possesses the configuration of  HWF10X/ 18mm or HWF10x / 2oo eyepieces. They also contain objectives for phase contrast or dark field and bright field. They come with reversed revolver for 4 or 5 objectives for the convenience of the students.


It is considered to be a masterpiece in microscopy. The configuration of the equipment makes it best for the study of biomedical sciences, colleges, and universities. They come in two models which are binocular and trinocular models. They also have optional multi heads and tiliting heads. They come with reversed revolver for 5 objectives.


The robust model of model helps the equipment to have a long lifespan. These models are considered to be ideal for laboratories, research centers, teachers, and students as well. They come with the configuration of HWF 0x / 22 mm eyepieces. These models also have bino, trino, and multi-head systems. The reverse turret in the equipment is designed for up to 5 lenses.  These models are used especially for darkfield and can provide the user with 1000x multiplication of the image.

Ambale Microscopes NZ has global experience in microscopy and microscope instruments and their products and models are exceptionally versatile in performance for educational purposes like schools, universities, etc.

Please contact our engineers at Ambale Co. by sending us an email at info@ambale.co.nz to get the Best Microscope in New Zealand.

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